Es Pas de s'Illa

Es Pas de S'Illa unites the island of this same name with the coast of Ibiza, so you can choose between its two sides which best suits your tastes

The uniqueness of this small beach of San Juan resides in that unites s'Illa with the coast of Ibiza. For this reason, has two slopes: one facing the southeast, much quieter as far as its waters are concerned, and another to the northwest, to the open sea. By its characteristics, the former is often more crowded than the second, however, you will not find it crowded with people, but rather you can enjoy the calm which you will not find on other beaches.

It surrounded by cliffs with vegetation and here you can also contemplate the traditional Search by photos: of fishermen.

In the part that looks towards the Port of San Miguel, the sand is of medium grain with gravels and the occasional boulder. The other side is formed by rocks and boulders eroded by continuous swell that is given in it, which makes the access to the bathroom is something more complicated. The water is clear on both sides. If you go with children remember to catch diving glasses and water shoes They will thank you!

Es Pas de s'Illa counts on few sunbeds and umbrellas and with a beach bar which has been there for more than thirty years. In it you can eat something of meat, salads or sandwiches and drink something in the worst hours of the day, in which the sun tightens.

Arm yourself with patience to get to the beach since the last kilometer and a half you will walk along an unpaved road which does not stand out precisely for its quality. If you have an 4 × 4 it is time to use it.

A data

The curious ones will have noticed that right next to the cove there is a path that leads to a islet of private property in which a luxurious house is located. You will not be able to see more than that since it is well watched.


Getting there

Head towards the port of San Miguel and 500 meters before the beach take the detour to the left, towards the Hacienda and Na Xamena hotel. Continue a few 800 meters. When you see an unpaved road that turns right, take it and continue until you reach the beach.

How to get there


Car the motorcycle.


Beautiful cove with calm waters and more or less turbulent depending on the side you choose.

Length and Width

50 meters in length and 10 in width.

Shore and bottom

It is a beach of pebbles, gravel and natural grain sand. The bottom consists of sand, boulders and rocks.

Orientation and winds

Southeast and northwest.


Beach dCala Saladadiving


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