In Portinatx, San Juan, its crystal clear waters invite you to practice scuba diving in Ibiza and its landscape to cover it from start to finish

Portinatx is one of the most important tourist areas of municipality of San Juan and, contrary to what might be expected, it is also one of the quietest since it is aimed at the enjoyment of families. Its urban center is composed of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops, among others establishments, which delight all travelers who stay there.

The best of all is the proximity to the beach to this small town and the views of it from the promenade. From it you can contemplate the rest of the coves that make up this piece of coastline: s'Arenal Gran y s'Arenal Petit. It should also be noted that small fishing port which is on the right bank of the beach with its beautiful boathouses. If you are a lover of diving, bottle and neoprene, here you will find one of the oldest diving schools on the island: Subfari. Come to ask and I'm sure you've decided to do some immersion. Of course it would be one of the most authentic memories you could take from Ibiza.

As for the beach itself, it is made up of fine sand both on the outside and inside the sea, in which you can also find some other rock. Water, Plus not having a steep slope, is of a clarity Awesome. The characteristics of this cove suitable for that smaller enjoy a fun day. And, if you enter any type of craving there is no problem, you will be surrounded by restaurants, ice cream shops and even some supermarket to calm it down.

Portinatx has a hammocks, umbrellas and vigilante, to avoid any small scare.

The best thing to get here is to go by car, However, in summer there is bus service line Check the schedule well, since the frequencies are not very followed.


If you like to walk, in Portinatx you have several options to strengthen your legs. If you look animated and the heat does not squeeze too much, you can reach the Moscarter lighthouse. Its beautiful tower, painted in spiral in white and navy blue, is the highest of all the Balearics. Hopefully you have not forgotten the camera because, undoubtedly, it is a sight worthy to be photographed.

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Getting there

You must go to the municipality of San Juan. Once there, you will see the indications that lead you to Portinatx.

How to get there


By car, motorcycle or bus.


The visitor will find here a safe beach for swimming and water sports, as well as a large number of services. In the middle of summer it is usually quite busy.

Length and Width

120 of length and 30 meters of width.

Shore and bottom

Natural sand of medium grain and light color. Marine background of sand with rocky areas. Little depth of smooth progression.

Orientation and winds



Beach dCala Salada


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