S'Illot d'Es Renclí

S'Illot d'es Renclí, San Juan, is an enclave in which time seems to have stopped. Tranquility and purity at 100% in one of the most authentic coves of Ibiza

It could be said that s'IIlot d'es Renclí, near Cala XarracaIs one of the most picturesque coves of the municipality of San Juan. From reduced dimensions, you'll have to go live if you want to find a hole to leave your towel. From coarse sand, both outside and inside the water, has some views worth admiring of this slope of the coast.

El water is clear and the slope when entering something pronounced. If you wear scuba glasses, take advantage of practice surface diving around your rocks or islet that gives name to the cove.

If you have remembered the camera and you have a little eye maybe you make some of the best snapshots of your trip. Of course the environment invites to it with its small islets and boathouses dry dock.

Being small, the Tranquility reigns in her for the whole day. If you arrive and you are out of place, you have two options: look for a gap between the esplanades of rocks on both sides, where you can also settle without difficulty, or wait at lunchtime, when many will fill their stomachs.

If you have left your food at home thinking about eating in a good restaurant, keep in mind the one that is right above: S'Illot des Renclí. We do not have to tell you much about him, since you will have to pass by to go down to the beach and you will not be able to avoid the aroma of his fresh fish. Has a shaded area under tall pines with good sea views in which eating is a luxury.

If all you need to survive the scorching sun is a soda or ice cream, you can also get it there.

In spite of its small extension, there are also some hammocks and umbrellas in s'Illot d'es Renclí.

By the way, the sunset does not come to be seen from this point, however, in your sky you can appreciate the infinity of colors left by this step.


Before arriving, on the same road, there are several lookouts where we advise you to stop. Although you do not have a camera, it is worth admiring the landscape of this beautiful natural landscape.

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Getting there

From the road from Ibiza to Portinax at kilometer 18, go to the cove.

How to get there


Car the motorcycle.


Small cove that retains the charm of years ago. Surrounded by soft cliffs and with boathouses on the side that give it a marine aspect.

Length and Width

50 meters in length and 15 in width.

Shore and bottom

Natural sand of coarse grain and tan color. Rocks. The bottom is composed of coarse sand and rocks.

Orientation and winds

North with south winds from land to sea, but always smooth.


Beach dCala Salada


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