Cala Mastella

Cala Mastella, Santa Eulalia, is a somewhat atypical beach where you can get away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy a beautiful landscape and taste the typical fish of Ibiza

Having a somewhat more complex access than usual, the number of swimmers who meet in this creek of small dimensions it is somewhat smaller than the rest, which makes it one of its main attractions, but not the only one.

Forget about taking a bus or planting uncomfortable footwear, for You can only get to Cala Mastella with a private vehicle you will not be able to park on foot from the beach. Do not worry, the road to the cove is neither too long nor too difficult. Yes, if you plan to take the kids is probably not the best option since, apart from the aforementioned, the services in this enclave do not go beyond a stall and some hammock.

The color of water is one of its most surprising singularities. The rocks, the white sand and the posidonia that make up its bottom they intermingle giving us a palette of colors that goes from the most intense green and blue to the darkest tones. This is one of the characteristics most appreciated by those who come up to Cala Mastella for to practice surface diving.

Despite its small size, Mastella Creek has a small port surrounded by varadero huts (of fishermen). In it, a pier has been improvised from which to contemplate the typical Ibizan fishing boats and photograph this picturesque corner.

By the way, since you've come this far You can not leave without going through the restaurant Masa Calla, better known as the 'whiskers', its owner. Here you can taste one of the most praised dishes of the Ibizan gastronomy: the 'bullit de peix'. The history of this tiny restaurant goes back a few decades back when Juan 'the mustache' used the fish he had just captured and cooked it for his friends. Over time, these meetings became well-known and had to start serving those who came up there for the quality of their cuisine. Today it is convenient that you do not fall asleep if you want to taste one of their dishes (note that only fish and salad are served) since the diners they crowded their tables from first hour.

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Getting there

From San Carlos you reach the vicinity of Pou des Lleó, where you take the detour with the indication to the beach through the paved road.

How to get there


Car the motorcycle.


The beach is hidden in a small cove between rock formations and pine forests.

Length and Width

It is small, of 60 meters long and 15 wide.

Shore and bottom

Composed of fine sand of natural origin and rocky areas. The funds, in the area of ​​the beach, are sand, rocks and underwater vegetation.

Orientation and winds



Beach dCala Salada


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