Caló des Moltons

If you are looking for an unoccupied, rocky beach in Ibiza with beautiful views, caló des Moltons, in San Miguel, meet all your requirements

Caló des Moltons, in the village of San Miguel, San Juan, It is one of those little exploited jewels with which Ibiza surprises us from time to time. If you want to enjoy a calm beach day, without the bustling atmosphere of the busiest beaches on the island, this is your place!

A tiny cove of coarse sand and stones that suddenly appears between the cliffs and the green mountains of pines. He Background is of coarse sand and stones that you can see perfectly thanks to the transparency of its waters. This feature makes it ideal for snorkeling.

To get here you must park your vehicle in the Port of San Miguel and, looking at the beach, on the left you will see a path that borders the coast. Follow him until you reach Caló des Moltons. It is not a very complicated route, however, something can turn out to be something heavy for children.

Once in it you can extend your towel without problem (your occupation is usually low) or, if you prefer, rent one of the Hammocks or Balinese beds that are placed in the sand.

This magnificent corner is completed by a few little houses, a small chiringuito ecologically famous for its sardines and a point of rental of paddle surfboards or paddle surfing.

By the way, it never hurts to bring booties They will make access to water much easier!


If you have risen with the adventurous vein, you can continue straight on the same path through which you have reached Caló des Moltons. A section further on you will find the Cala de Ferradura, it's Pas de s'Illa and the defensive tower des Molar, with spectacular views of the coast, the port and the private island s'Illa des Bosc. It is not a long route.

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Getting there

You will have to go to the town of San Miguel and, once there, go towards the port of San Miguel. When you reach the beach, take a path that you will see on the left. Follow it straight until you find the small cove.

How to get there


There are different bus lines that take you to the port of San Miguel, however, we advise you to use your own vehicle since the journey is not frequent.


Small cove which is reached by taking a walk on a forest path.

Length and Width

39 meters in length and 36 in width.

Shore and bottom

Coarse sand and sandy bottom and rocks.

Orientation and winds

Northeast of Ibiza Winds from the north and northeast.



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