It's Cavallet

The beach of es Cavallet, in the Natural Park of ses Salines, was the first nudist beach of Ibiza. Today is the favorite of the gay collective at an international level

It's Cavallet, In the Ses Salines Natural Park of San José, was the first official nudist beach of Ibiza and one of the pioneers in Spain in allowing this practice. This sandy beach has become a great example of tolerance of which you can indifferently enjoy with or without bathing suit. It is also known as the most famous gay beach internationally.

The name of is Cavallet (the caballito in Castilian) It has its history. Years ago, this animal was responsible for turning the wheel that is right at the entrance to the beach. Thanks to this action, the ponds were filled with water to produce the famous salt of Ibiza.

It is a extensive sandy in which the dunes backed by a lush forest of pines and junipers. Its status as a protected area has made it a virtually virgin area. The only buildings you will see are those of its three restaurants, fully integrated into the landscape. In Chiringay a festive and carefree atmosphere dominated mostly by a gay audience. For its part, El Chiringuito is a quiet space with a careful aesthetics and, finally, La Escollera It is perfect to enjoy the views while you enjoy a delicious meal. Just before arriving you will also find Coricancha, a spectacular Nikkei cuisine restaurant.

The Cavallet's waters are transparent. The variety of blues from his background is spectacular. The winds are frequent and, therefore, the waves are usually habitual. Being open to the sea, the wind tends to drag the leaves of Posidonia, which tend to accumulate on the shore of the beach.

Here is mixed all kinds of people willing to spend it in large and enjoy the freedom that is breathed in every corner. Celebrities, characters of the night, residents, tourists ... all have a place in this beautiful place. We could divide the beach in three environments: The first area, near the parking lot, is the familiar. The middle one is really nudist and the end of the beach is Gay environment, a benchmark for LGBT tourism.

In Cavallet there is a sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, beach volleyball net, security guard and paid parking (With clothing store and accessories). If you do not want to pay you can park something further. In this way you can take the opportunity to take a walk through the salt ponds, of different depths and with surprising games of colors. The ideal place to take your camera.


Do not wait until the last minute to arrive. Especially in the middle of summer, traffic jams are usually at the entrance and you will find it difficult to park.

A curiosity

Although it may seem otherwise, even salt is now obtained from these ponds for consumption and distribution both inside and outside Ibiza. The extraction process takes place in late summer.

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Getting there

From the road from Ibiza to the airport take the exit that indicates sa Canal. Continue straight and at the end of the road you will see a very tight curve that you should not take. Instead, go straight on, next to the pond. About 1.200 meters away is the beach.

How to get there


You can go by bus, although it leaves you a stretch of the beach. Going by motorcycle or bicycle is the best option. If you go by car it can be difficult to park if you do not do it in the paid parking.


It is a long, open beach, with fine sand and some rocky areas.

Length and Width

1.200 meters long and 40 wide.

Shore and bottom

Shore of fine white sand. Sandy bottoms with some rocky points. Inclination that accumulates mounds of posidonia. At the southern end there are corners of rocks with natural pools. Shallow depth.

Orientation and winds

Located to the southeast of Ibiza. With northeasterly winds.


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