Cala Salada

Cala Salada, in San Antonio, is one of the most valued beaches in Ibiza. The turquoise of its waters contrasts with the green of its vegetation and its cliffs

Surrounded by a barely urbanized green environment, cala salada es one of the most appreciated beaches between locals and tourists. It is also one of the most visited in all of Ibiza due to its crystal clear turquoise waters, Its mediterranean landscape almost intact and its Fine sand and gold.

Cala Salada has a very attractive peculiarity: they are two coves in one. On the one hand we find the proper cala salada of easy access and with service showers. On the other, at the other extreme, we find cala saladeta which is accessed either above the cliff between the pines, where you will see some rustic stairs that reach the sea or below, avoiding the rocks. If you are not very agile or you are very loaded, the first option is simpler and safer than the second. Also, above, you enjoy more of the Nature and the beautiful views Which offers the place.

Many also take advantage of extend your towel between both coves, on the rocks. From that area it is easier climb the cliffs to jump into the sea and download adrenaline.

Once on the shore, you will discover that both coves are joined by a myriad of sand and fishing huts, perfect to leave your towel in a "somewhat more private" environment. However, we warn you that in summer both Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta are usually full of people.

The first has a more familiar atmosphere, while the second is somewhat younger. The latter is due to its complicated access since it does not have any service. If you decide to go there, we recommend that you bring what you need to spend the day.

To avoid the agglomerations that occurred in the access to Cala Salada, the City of San Antonio decided limit the number of private vehicles in the area from June to September. If you want to get to the beach, you must park your sightseeing in San Antonio or in the free parking of Can Coix and Take a bus that part of the station of the municipality each 15 minutes, from 9.30 hours to 20.30. Also, you can also reach the famous cove by means of a Boat which leaves the port of San Antonio at 10.30, 12, 12.30 and 13.30 hours and returns from the beach to the 12.45, 16 and 17.30 hours.

If you book a table in the Restaurante Cala Salada You will have access to the parking and, therefore, you can park your car near the cove. The same establishment will give you a code with the access code. Get ready to enjoy the Mediterranean food of a lifetime, fresh fish and a friendly and close treatment. In addition to the restaurant, Cala Salada has a service hammocks and umbrellas and with pedal boats.


Do not forget the diving glasses, tube and fins at home. As soon as you see the color of its waters, the first thing you'll want to do is snorkel and discover the fauna that inhabits this wonderful place. If you have, take the opportunity to take your water chamber You will get some amazing photos!

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Getting there

By public transport, from the bus station of San Antonio or by boat from the port of the municipality.

How to get there


Car (you can not park on the beach), bus or boat.


Beach composed of a larger cove and a smaller one. They are separated by rocky areas in which there is a group of old boathouses. Quiet and family, surrounded by forest.

Length and Width

100 meters in length and 25 meters in width.

Shore and bottom

Shore of natural sands alternated with platforms and corners of rock. Sandy bottom with underwater vegetation.

Orientation and winds

West - Southwest.


Beach dCala SaladaNudist beach


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