S'Arenal Gran or Gros

S'Arenal Gran is an ideal beach to go with the family and practice all kinds of water sports in Ibiza. It has a large number of services around it

It located in the Urban nucleus of Portinatx, San Juan, right next to the beach that has the same name, therefore enjoys the same way of all the tourist services you can imagine. You will have everything you need To a single step.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of this beach is that It is usually quite full because most tourists who stay in this area go down daily to enjoy them. Therefore, we recommend that you leave the house soon if you want to find a space.

S'Arenal Gran Or, as it is often called, s'Arenal Gros, is united to S'Arenal Petit through a beautiful walk Maritime plagued by restaurants and shops. Is a wide cove composed White sand of medium grain. The water is turquoise Spectacular and the pending is not very pronounced, So it is Perfect for children's bath. Is composed of clear sand, except on its left side, where rocks predominate. In this part you can To practice snorkeling and find a wide variety of marine species that you may not know.

At lunchtime, the Sa Descuberta Restaurant It is a great option. It has a varied menu of Mediterranean food and snacks, as well as daily menu and views of the beach that you will love. Very close you will also see the La Torre Restaurant, one of the few that opens all winter in this area. In it you can eat delicious grilled meats and have a good cocktail at night.

If what you want is to get on board a boat, take the opportunity to do so. There are boats that depart from this area And they take you to other nearby beaches as Cala Xarraca o Xuclar bay. An enriching and very satisfying experience.


Take the camera and take the opportunity to take a walk around Portinatx and take a few pictures of your visit. The landscape is beautiful, especially if you enter the forest area.

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Getting there

Access by road is easy following the road signs. The private vehicle can be parked free of charge in the surroundings. It can also be reached by bus.

How to get there


Car, bus or motorcycle.


S'Arenal Gros is in the tourist resort of Portinatx, located between es Portitxol and s'Arenal Petit. A beautiful walk joins the two sandy areas.

Length and Width

120 meters long and 50 wide.

Shore and bottom

Slope of white sand and medium grain, with some pines, low slope (at 25 meters in the sea is one meter deep), sandy bottom with some rocks.

Orientation and winds



Beach dCala Salada


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