Punta Galera

Located at the base of a steep cliff in San Antonio, Punta Galera is an atypical beach for its composition in which to practice nudism in Ibiza

Punta Galera It gets its name from the galleys that came to this Old quarry. It is formed by a set of natural rocks that they happen one on the others to different heights and that finalize in the sea. Is very close to cala salada and, next to it, they form one of the Most beautiful landscapes of the island of Ibiza. In particular, it is a stretch of smooth rocks superimposed on which you can spread your towel and sunbathe calmly.

Because of his Hard access (there is no signage on the road) since You must walk a stretch through the rocks before reaching it, Maintains that Private and little-masked character That few coves have. Thanks to this peculiarity, it is one of the places Nudists par excellence of Ibiza.

It is true that, in general, the small size of Punta Galera mean that, finally, it ends up filling up with people. However, it is a silent and quiet place even in the height of summer.

Getting in the water is relatively easy., just leave without fear. The depth is enough to not hurt you, it is more, the Water clarity it makes you see the background well. To leave you will have to be a little more attentive and see where it is easier for you. Do not suffer, you will always find somewhere to do it by helping out with the rocks. Do not forget your diving glasses And, if you have, Take the fins. He sea ​​bottom Of Punta Galera, composed of rocks, vegetation and small stretches of sand is very Rich in fauna.

Punta Galera has a special magic. Many are the ones who know it and go there to practice yoga or meditate. It is a place of strong energies that, in the afternoon, Give one of the best sunsets That you can contemplate in Ibiza.

No parking available As such, but you will see a white wall that will guide you to know where you can leave your car (if you have a 4 × 4 you have triumphed!).

By its characteristics Not a beach suitable for children, In addition to the conditions mentioned above, because Does not have any kind of service. No beach bars, no umbrellas ... nothing. So take what you need for your day, keep in mind that the sun is squeezing hard.

A curiosity

Before there was "the cave dweller", a man who took care of the environment and took out a Buddha's head that surrounded stones in columns as an altar. It is gone, but people continue to place the stones on top of each other.



Getting there

It is one of those places on the island hard to find. Head towards Salada Creek and turn left before arriving. Park at the end of the road. The rest must be done on foot.

How to get there


Car the motorcycle.


Punta Galera is formed by huge slabs of stone in different heights perfect for sunbathing and bathing in its crystalline waters.

Length and Width

20 meters long and the width varies depending on the platform.

Shore and bottom

Smooth rock platforms on the shore and rock bottoms and abundant vegetation.

Orientation and winds

Orientation west, northwest.


Nudist beach


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