Ibiza candles by Denise Alves

Ibiza candles by Denise Alves

Velas de Ibiza by Denise Alves helps you create magical and unique environments with its handmade candles and accessories in different formats

Ibiza candles by Denise Alves It is a unique store on the island. An establishment with great charm in which the affection and desire with which it has been conceived are immediately palpable.

A little over a year ago Denise and Antonio, its owners, opened a showroom of candles oriented to professionals. Their success was such that they decided to make their products available to the public through a small shop in the center of the port of Ibiza. A place that perfectly conveys the essence of their work.

In Velas de Ibiza you will find a wide variety of Candles made through a completely handmade and natural, as it was done in the past. For it, They use hydrogenated paraffin and vegetable, soy or palm waxes. The vast majority of packaging and materials that they use are recycled, and is that the sustainability It is one of the fundamental pillars of this company.

The natural, mediterranean aromas and in particular, of the island, that their products give off are just one of their most distinctive characteristics. You can choose between aromatic candles with a multitude of aromas or natural citronella candles, some of them combined with Mediterranean scents.

If there is something that stands out in its catalog and exhibition, it is its XXL rustic finish candles. amazing candles 40, 60 or 80 centimeters and even one meter tall whose creation entails a laborious process. This is why you will hardly find them in other establishments. In fact, they attend orders of this type of format outside of Spain.

The XXL are perfect for decorating large areas such as villas or living rooms. Undoubtedly an element that brings elegance and beauty to any room.

In total they have some 90 different candle references. However, it will not be difficult for you to decide since they will happily offer you their Professional advice. Whether you are a company or an individual, you will only have to explain your tastes and needs and they will help you find the product that best fits your space. If you need it, they will bring it to you as far as you want.

Apart from candles, they have various accessories such as metal candle holders, stands or trays to give a personal touch to your choice.

If you are looking to create warm and welcoming environments, with aromas that awaken your senses or evoke beautiful memories, visit Velas de Ibiza by Denise Alves.

Getting Here

Head towards the port of Ibiza. Velas de Ibiza is located right in front of the small church of San Telmo.

Ibiza Sailing News by Denise Alves

Velas de Ibiza by Denise Alves helps you create magical and unique environments with its handmade candles and accessories in different formats

0034 609 922 612


Carrer de Josep Verdera 17. 07800, Ibiza


10 to 14 hours and 17 to 22
Closed for rest: Sunday mornings


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