Menu of the Day in Ibiza Today

If you want to eat from a day menu in Ibiza, here you have the easiest option to see the menu offered by restaurants throughout Ibiza every day.

We all like to eat well and, if possible, at a good price, right? Well, you should know that there are a large number of restaurants with menu of the day in Ibiza and we want to make it as easy as possible when choosing.

So you do not have to walk from restaurant to restaurant looking at what menu they serve, we have created this section where you will not only find the restaurants with menu of the day in Ibiza, but also the dishes that they include daily.

The system is simple: every day we will upload the proposals of the restaurants with menu of the day in Ibiza, the dishes and their prices.

The images will be deleted daily at 18 hours and, the next day, you will find the new menu. That comfortable!

Restaurants in the center, on the beach, in the countryside, family, something more special, for summer, for winter ... You will have them of all types and prices: from just nine euros!

In addition, you can filter the menus by zones. What do you feel like eating a menu in San Juan? Select the municipality and only those that interest you will appear.