The Wild Bird

Address / Location

Street of the Mare de Déu 46, 07800 Ibiza

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From 20 hours to 3.30 at dawn
Closed for vacations
From November to April included

The Wild Bird is the ideal restaurant to start and end the night. Fusion cuisine and cocktail bar with level cocktails in Ibiza

The Wild Bird It's a peculiar Ibiza restaurant and cocktail bar in which the party continues after dinner.

It is located in one of the liveliest and most environment-friendly areas of the island: the Street of the Virgin, in the harbor.

La fusion cuisine from The Wild Bird will surprise you. A combination of dishes from the French and international gastronomy that has no waste. In your letter you will find elaborated tapas, products such as French oysters or foie gras and irresistible recipes like salmon tataki

El Chef is a great French pastry chef who acquired his knowledge at the prestigious Ferrandi School, with what you can not leave without sinking the tooth to one of his desserts.

Once the service of dinners, that give until the 2 of the dawn, for the clueless, The Wild Bird is transformed. It is at this time when it becomes an elegant cocktail bar.

The music increases its volume and changes its style to move to house or techno. Some special nights you can even find a dj playing live.

The festive atmosphere floods the premises and the premium drinks circulate around the room without stopping. Combined of all kinds and deluxe cocktails to further encourage the night.

They have an attractive cocktail list but, if you do not find the one you like, you can propose your own mix and they will have no problem preparing it. However, we advise you to try the 'bird special', the house cocktail. It's a kind of mojito but with vodka, mint and apple juice, among other ingredients.

Start and end the night in The Wild Bird Ibiza it is an option that you will not be able to resist.


You can not miss the opportunity to try the ceviche and, for dessert, we recommend the lemon cake made by your baker. You will literally suck your fingers!

Kitchen hours

The kitchen of Wild Bird Ibiza opens from 20 to 2 in the early morning.

How to get there

As we have already mentioned, it is located in the street of the Virgin, more or less in the middle. You will see it next to Sunrise.


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