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Address / Location

Highway of Santa Inés kilometer 1,2. 07820 San Antonio, Ibiza

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June to 30 from September from 20.30 to 24.15 hours
April, May and October from 20 to 23.45
Closed for vacations
From November to April included

A beautiful church in Ibiza today is the Sa Capella restaurant in San Antonio. An imposing setting dedicated to Mediterranean haute cuisine

El Restaurant Sa CapellaNear San Antonio, Is probably one of the most Awesome and Romantic Of Ibiza where you can have dinner What for? Because it is Located in an old church of the XVI century.

Although Was built for Be a place dedicated to Religious cult, never came to consecrate it. The reason, says the legend, is that the masons who worked there saw daily how their tools changed places. The people quickly associated this enigma with the elves. Thus, they claimed that it was they who hid them because they did not want to be mass there. Thus, The Church closed the premises and sold it to a family. Today, on the walls of the restaurant hangs a photograph of Doña Pepita, one of her tenants.
En 1978 Two friends were walking around the area when one of them, Vicente Roselló Prats, When he saw the building he told his companion Carlos García Sorá: "Do you know something? We will make a restaurant and it will be a different restaurant ». And thus was born Sa Capella.

The business has a United team For more than two decades and with a Faithful clientele For many, many years, so many that Some tables Have gone to Take the name of Some of they.

When you visit Sa Capella for the first time it is easy to understand the reason for this fidelity. It is a place Unique and full of charm Where you will find a Careful letter of Mediterranean inspiration with Author's touches. Very dishes Varied, Suggestions of the day always made with ingredients from the Best Quality and, of course, a wine list According to your exquisite kitchen.

Sa Capella is also a local Elegant and lavish with its Cross-shaped plant, a Central nave and six small chapels Side, impressive vaulted ceilings about eight meters Of height, Stone walls, clay floors and a Grille Where an irresistible Charcoal Of holm oak.

The decoration of the place makes its idiosyncrasy of Ibiza well known paintings by local artists such as Marta Torres and Julia Ribas o Ant sculptures as «Matter and spirit», a spectacular olive tree carving of a male and a female figure. The Waiters They are dressed in Ibicencan style: white shirt and white peasant trousers, sash and red handkerchief with spout around the neck.

Sa Capella is the Ideal for both a romantic dinner To get into the roots of the Ibizan culture. Celebrate an event Special among its walls is a dream and if you want to make it reality you just have to propose it. They have Capacity for approximately 90 people And will strive to prepare a special menu For that great day.

Having the luxury of eating in a place like Sa Capella is something you will never forget.


As a cold starter Foie micuit With reduction of balsamic and flavors of colors. From first golden to salt or, for carnivores, steak steak to stone on bed of fat salt, not forgetting his famous steak tartar chopped by hand. For dessert do not forget to taste the strawberry soup with the pepper with balsamic chocolate cake and cream ice cream or the crepe suzette with vanilla ice cream Irresistible!

Kitchen hours

June to September from 20.30 to 24.15 hours. In April, May and October from 20 to 23.45.

How to get there

From San Antonio Take the Road to Santa Inés and Cala Salada Until he passed an institute. After a few 200 meters on the right Is the old church that houses Sa Capella.

Photos: Ionut Mihai

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  1. Jo Ashby says

    There is no menu or prices on the 21th for a celebration celebration of the 18th May for you to send me one please.
    Kind regards
    Jo Ashby

    1. Lola Maria says

      Please contact directly with The Restaurant, you can send an email. Thank you!

  2. Karen Molloy says

    Hi Manolo Karen Molloy here, I'm emailing on behalf of my brother Richard who is getting married next September 2018 and he is very interested in Sa Capella for his function. Do you have a wedding package you can send me and also how many do you hold? Do you have free dates in September 2018 we would be looking to book the whole venue. I look forward to your reply

    1. Lola Maria says

      Please contact directly with The Restaurant, you can send an email. Thank you!

  3. Kim says

    Hello, is it possible to send me a menu and the prices please?

    Thank you

    Kind regards

  4. Claire Binford says


    I am interested in getting a reservation for the restaurant but would like to see a menu first. Could you please send me one?

  5. Bart says

    Do you guys accommodate Severe AUTISM?

    1. Kaya says

      Hello, is it possible to send me a menu and the prices please?

      1. Vanesa DT says

        They do not send the menu. You can call at the restaurant and ask for it. Thank you!

  6. Emma Phelan says

    Please could you send me an English menu. We are wanting to book for our first wedding anniversary on the 28th May 18

  7. Kiyomi Izumi says

    Asking your advice for getting precious saltproduced in Ibiza island.

    If you could advise me the name of salt which is produced over there and picked it up only in the morning, how much and how can I get it in Japan. I can use Visa card.
    I thank you very much.

    Sincerly yours,
    Kiyomi izumi

  8. cynthia says


    Can you send me a menu. We would like to see it because of our parents who are married for 50 years and we like them to have dinner at your place.

    1. Vanesa DT says

      Hello Cynthia! Better if you call the 0034 971 340 057 and questions! 😉

  9. Paul Leach says

    I want to book a table for tonight. Could you email me back ASAP please.

  10. Michelle Pengelly says

    Can you please send me a menu in english please.

  11. Laura says

    Would it be possible to get to English menu, sent through.

    Kind regards


    1. Vanesa DT says

      Hi Laura! Better if you send them an email or call to the restaurant. You have the address and telephone number above this page.

  12. Natasha says

    Hi would it be possible to get an English menu and prices emailed please

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