528 Gardens Show Club Ibiza

528 Gardens Show Club Ibiza

528 Gardens is the new space of the amazing 528 Ibiza. Live music, gourmet street food and haute cocktails to enjoy one of the most magical places on the island

It was created  528 Gardens, the unique space 528 Ibiza that preserves the spectacular proposal of the interior area of show-show giving it a more informal touch.

Located on the same premises as the main restaurant, 528 Gardens masterfully fuses the best of the forerunner of this new 'gastro-show' concept with a more personal air.

Eat, drink, share, dance, have fun... The intention is clear: enjoy the greatest pleasures of life in company in an extensive garden space, outdoors, in the hills of Benimussa.

Weekly, artists linked to the island will perform in the Garden. The Sundays will revolve around the concept 'Camino al sol', a tribute to Ibiza, their culture and traditions through the Balearic sound. the popular guitarist Paco Fernández will be a weekly resident, creator of Balearic flamenco and chill flamenco, along with other artists such as the mythical DJ Alfred. The Wednesday the appointment is with Sonic Radio, while the Saturdays it's the turn of sun empire, a party inspired by Tulum.

Regarding gastronomy, 528 Gardens has reinvented some recipes of the popular street food to give them an exclusive gourmet touch. They don't miss the quality local product and winks to said gastronomy with the most original twists. Gonzalo Araguez and Massimo Bartelloni will be chefs that will make you visit the five continents with just one bite. And that is precisely the intention: that you taste more than one dish and thus discover all kinds of incredible flavours.

While you try these street food delicacies, you can walk through the beautiful gardens of the restaurant and be part of the good atmosphere that surrounds it. You can also take a seat at their tables, from which you will witness the different shows that 528 Gardens has prepared to continue with one of its banners: the show. Important DJ's and musicians will perform here daily among many other surprises that are worth experiencing for yourself. For now, it has announced the weekly residencies Sonica Radio and Sun Empire.

Impossible to forget the section of cocktail bar Alberto Pizarro, prestigious mixologist worldwide, has prepared a complete menu of tempting cocktails in keeping with the place, the idea and the atmosphere that surrounds the 528 experience. Here, Pizarro will bring an innovative touch to the usual mixes.

The only valid rule at 528 Gardens Show Club Ibiza is “expect the unexpected”. You are willing?


We are not able to choose between the Argentine empanada with black angus entrails, the grilled salmon with wakame salad and spicy homemade soy, the quesadilla of prawns with mozzarella and achiote, the wagyu burger with summer truffle and the crispy hotdog of squid from Formentera and fermented cabbage.

Kitchen hours

From 18 or 19.55:23.30 p.m., depending on the day, and until XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Getting Here

If you take the road from San Antonio to Ibiza, you must turn right once you pass the Cepsa gas station that you will see on the right side of the road, just after BigMat. Continue straight and turn left at the fifth street (Romaní). Go straight on and you will immediately find 528 Ibiza.

News from 528 Gardens Show Club Ibiza

528 Gardens is the new space of the amazing 528 Ibiza. Live music, gourmet street food and haute cocktails to enjoy one of the most magical places on the island

+34 615 034 638...


Romani Street. 07820, San Antonio, Ibiza


Summer: Every day from 19.55:24.30 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
Closed for Holidays: In low season



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