Restaurante Kumharas

Address / Location

Lugo 2 street, Cala de Bou. 07820, San Antonio

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From 11 to 3 at dawn
Closed for vacations
From October to Easter

Restaurant Kumharas, next to Cala de Bou, in San Antonio. Culture, tastes of the world and one of the best sunsets in Ibiza

Nothing else to enter the world Kumharas You will notice that Relaxed atmosphere of Good roll and spirituality that few places have. In addition, the location is spectacular, from its Chill out terrace they have some unbeatable views of the islet of sa Conillera And of course, to one of the Best Ibiza sunsets. Un essential that you can not miss if you want to go to the best places on the island.

In addition to the terrace, there is a Lounge area With armchairs and haimas, a perfect space to relax while you refresh yourself with one of its spectacular Cocktails or natural juices.

The defense tower is already a symbol of the Kumharas and next to it is located the restaurant, Which although it opened its doors a little after the terrace area, 15 has been offering Mediterranean dishes with Asian touches.

The mixture of ingredients from different cultures with which the local experiences will make you travel around the world without leaving the room. The cooks will put that author's touch that will make the food something unique. The letter highlights the quality fresh fish and the variety of curries and woks. In addition, depending on the seasonal products of the market, new suggestions are being made every day. The result is a menu varied that is renewed year after year and that can be accompanied by an exquisite selection of Spanish wines.

To drink something, get carried away by the sunset, Lunch or dinner in Cala de Bou, San Antonio, choose Kumharas. More than a restaurant, a space for enjoyment in its entirety.


Two dishes, one Asian and the other Mediterranean: shrimp tempura and confit cod loin with a touch of smoke, coulis, garlic and wild mushrooms.

Kitchen hours

At midday they open from 12.30 to 15.15 hours and in the evening from 19 to 24.30.

How to get there

If you go along the San Antonio road, you will have to turn off towards ses Païsses. Go straight until you find a roundabout where you will have to turn left towards Cala de Bou. At the next roundabout take the exit on the right and you will reach Avenida Sant Agustí. When you see Calle Jaén on the right, take it and, after a while, you will find Calle Caló on the left. Be careful because when you see a tobacconist on the corner you will have reached Jaén Street, where Kumharas is located.

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