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Avenida San Agustín s / n, 07839, cala de Bou, San Antonio

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10.30 24 hours of a
10.30 24 hours of a
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The month of May

In DeGustibus, San Antonio, you will find good Italian food and an ideal atmosphere. They have live music and home delivery

Do you want to enjoy a Special, delicious and fun food? Book table in the DeGustibus restaurant, in Cala de Bou, we assure you that you will not be disappointed. From the kitchen of this curious local the best italian and mediterranean recipes, As well as Exquisite pizzas.

Since they opened in 2012 follow the same philosophy: the Use of quality products and, to be able to be, of Italian origin. The pasta, cheeses and even some of their sauces come directly from the country of the boot, a fact that guarantees Flavors intense and delicious.

Of course, your letter has a Great variety of pizzas and homemade pasta stuffed, but it's not the only thing you can enjoy in DeGustibus. When you keep an eye on your starters you will be surprised with the amount of salads and carpaccios Which they prepare. Of meat, of octopus, of salmon, of zucchini ... there are for all likes. Nor can you miss the famous Vitello tonnato or mussels and prawns with garlic. As the main chooser among the pasta (spaghetti carbonara, arrabbiata, stuffed ravioli…), the meat (entrecote, skewers of meat and vegetables, milanesa de pollo...) or fish (grilled cuttlefish, squid...).

If you have a lazy day, at night too they bring food home. The zones of distribution That cover are Port des Torrent, Cala de Bou and ses Païses. However, we encourage you to come to this peculiar place, especially if you go with your friends. The facilities of DeGustibus are very original and, in addition, they have a room only for adults as its decoration refers to the eroticism of ancient Rome It is certainly the ideal place for meetings like hen parties!

If you decide to go and have dinner Wednesday Do not forget to reserve a table. The restaurant is filled thanks to its Jazz nights. From 21 hours to 24 you can enjoy the music live Of a trio of professionals that will enliven your dinner.

If you are looking to spend a pleasant time surrounded by good food and a fantastic atmosphere DeGustibus is your restaurant.


You can go opening mouth with a complete DeGustibus salad with fruit, nuts, provolone grilled and honey. As a main dish we suggest you try the tagliata with mushrooms, parmesan and arugula, stuffed pasta or the homemade hamburger of 300 gramos Failing in your choice is complicated!

Kitchen hours

Every day (except Tuesdays) from 12.30 to 17 hours and from 19 to 24. The pizzas, on the other hand, can be ordered from 12 from noon to 12 at night.

How to get there

It is in the same avenue of San Agustín, right next to the supermarket Suma. On the right if you follow the road San Antonio Towards San José.


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