El Paso Restaurant

Address / Location

Carrer de Cala de Bou 10, San José, Ibiza

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Every day from 9 from morning to 4 from dawn
Closed for vacations
From November to March included

The Mexican restaurant El Paso, in Cala de Bou, brings you to Ibiza the cuisine of the region, its healthy breakfasts and rich tequilas and mezcal

In Ibiza there are not many mexican food restaurants and, to make up for that lack, it is born in Bou Creek El Paso Ibiza Restaurant.

El Paso is a colorful space where you can not only eat, but also have breakfast. They have a great letter of healthy breakfast. Toast, muesli, yogurt, eggs, fresh fruit, pancakes, smoothies, natural juices ... You will not know what to choose!

At the time of eating, you will find the classic recipes of Mexico, with that touch so characteristic and addictive at the same time. As entrants it is clear that the nachos They are mandatory, although they have many more options. Of main, the famous cochinita pibil, tacos al pastor, burritos or huitlacoche They are irresistible. They also have tasty Angus burgers, ribs or pizzas and some vegetarian alternative.

In addition to your letter, they prepare a daily menu including first, second and dessert and, so that the kids also enjoy tex-mex cuisine, they have Children's menu.

As for their desserts, they are 100% homemade and with touches of the region.

As a good ambassador for Mexican cuisine, El Paso has variety of tequilas and mezcales perfect to put the brooch to your lunch or dinner. In addition, they also prepare cocktails Given that closes at four in the morning, It may be a good place to start the night before leaving, do not you think?

If you have craved Mexican food, do not forget that El Paso restaurant awaits you in Cala de Bou with its rich and varied proposals.


The nachos can not miss as a starter, obviously! Of second, the burritos and the fajitas of El Paso are one of their specialties.

Kitchen hours

Breakfast is served from the 9 in the morning and the kitchen is open until four in the morning.

How to get there

When you reach the egg roundabout in San Antonio, take the third exit and continue until you reach another roundabout where you will see a gas station. Take the exit on the right and continue straight until you reach the beach of Es Puetó. El Paso is next to the Spar supermarket.


  1. Camila says

    Very good restaurant, good prices, very tasty but best of all
    It's the kindness with which he serves you, I went last week with 3 friends
    and we were delighted !!!!!
    I recommend it ... quality, price and very good vibes!

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