Restaurant Cala d'Hort

Address / Location

Playa Cala d'Hort s / n, 07830 San Jose, Ibiza

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July and August every day from 10 from morning to 22.30 hours
Rest of the season from 10 to 21.30 hours
Closed for vacations
From mid-November to early May

Cala d'Hort Restaurant, in front of the islet of Es Vedrà, is a traditional place in which there is no shortage of paellas on the beach, fresh fish from Ibiza and a great deal

If you like restaurants simple, lifelong, in which the tradition and the friendly treatment of the Restaurant Cala d'Hort prevail, On the same beach, it fits perfectly to the description. East family establishment started its journey in 1970 like a small stone house that served as bar for fishermen of the area. When there was no road to Cala d'Hort, food arrived by sea. Little by little, it became a humble kiosk that he saw as his customers began to grow such as foam. It was then that happened to become 1984 in what is currently the restaurant.

The same family continues today at the front of both the service and the stoves, something worthy of gratitude. The new generations have taken over from their elders and have managed to maintain the essence of what was always Restaurant Cala d'Hort.

We do not lie if we say that the chefs who work here grew up in the restaurant, watching their parents elaborate Paellas to which they quickly caught the point. Thanks to this, they are currently one of their specialties, as well as the fish stew, baked fish and rice in general. Of course, you can also opt for a good piece of meat, but in an environment like this, you always want to taste the products of the sea. Sometimes, fishermen from the area come up to offer their gender. The freshness of their squid, anchovies, grouper, dentex, roosters or sirvias it gives your recipes an insurmountable touch.

As its name suggests, the enigmatic islet of Es Vedrà stands before the tables of the restaurant, giving you an image difficult to forget. his terrace on the sand It is a great place to spend the day. You can both have breakfast as Lunch or dinner in a natural environment of the most picturesque and even stick a good dip on the beach between courses.

The essence of this typical beach restaurant remains intact after the passage of time. An authenticity that you can discover both in its aesthetics and in its menu. The desserts are real temptations. El Flap, for example, is made by a pure strain ibicenian who knows the original recipe and prepares them especially for the local and its Homemade cakes They do not waste either.

Un relaxed and family atmosphere you will invade nothing more than stepping into Cala d'Hort restaurant and the treatment you will receive from your team will make you feel even more at ease. Do you want a plus? When the sun starts to put on the colors that you can contemplate from the terrace you will be fascinated. The sunset itself is not seen until early October, however, the stamp that is formed in the sky during that time is something you can not miss either.


Without doubt the paella is a must but if you want to try some other dish, we advise you to order the fresh squid or a rice to the marinera.

Kitchen hours

July and August from 13 to 22.30 hours. The rest of the season from 13 to 21.30.

How to get there

From San José, go to cala d'hort (It is well indicated). Once you get to the beach, you will see it right in the center.


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