Can Limo

Can Limo

Discover in the Can Limo restaurant the authentic Peruvian gastronomy in the center of the beautiful town of San José in Ibiza

Prepare to receive a sudden energy injection just by stepping on Can Limo, a beautiful restaurant in the center of San José. The color that invades the place will make you know immediately that you have made the right choice.

Marcos is the owner of this quaint restaurant. Peruvian fusion cuisine. After returning to Ibiza after a long stay in Peru, he decided to import the surprising flavors of his gastronomy. Thus created Can Limo, one of the highest representatives on the island of this much appreciated culinary trend.

The Can Limo menu does not stand out as an endless list of dishes. They have clear ideas and Quality is above all, therefore, they execute impeccably the More traditional recipes Under a Original and fun point of view. To get the most out of the raw material, they always work with seasonal ingredients. Thus, throughout the year they are executing small changes in their menu to offer the best of each season.

The small tapas and Stop & Go food are the protagonists in this cozy place. A space that, despite having recently moved from the countryside to the city, has managed to maintain the charm that has always characterized him.

One of the kings of the kitchen is the ceviche, Although equally tempting are the tiraditos, the Lima cause Or any of the suggestions Which are prepared daily out of charter.

As for dessert, the usual classics await you with amazing Peruvian touches. Here the popular triumphs Lima sigh, but also the Cold white chocolate soup with caramelized almonds.

Do not think that his desire to transport you to this beautiful region ends here. They also offer you the option to accompany all your delights with the Peruvian beer par excellence, Cusqueña, And have a letter of Pisco-based cocktails, the most famous drink in Peru.

If you are not yet lucky enough to get to know this beautiful country, Can Limo takes the trouble to approach a good part of this culture through the universal language of cooking.


Yes or yes you must try the ceviche and scallops with chalakita. The lamb, the traditional ají de gallina or the anticucho are also sensational. To drink, do not hesitate to ask for the famous Pisco Sour.

Kitchen hours

From 13.30 to 23.30.

Getting Here

Can Limo is located in the center of the town of San José, on the main road between Caixa and Sabadell.

Can Limo News

Discover in the Can Limo restaurant the authentic Peruvian gastronomy in the center of the beautiful town of San José in Ibiza

0034 971 800 550


Carrer Pere Escanellas 6. 07830, San José, Ibiza


13.30 23.30 hours of a
Closed for rest: Sunday nights and all Mondays




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