La Dispensa

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Calle Santa Creu 10, Dalt Vila, 07800 Ibiza

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Every day from 19 hours to 3 at dawn
Every day from 11 to 14 and 19 1 hours to

Restaurant La Dispensa Ibiza, Dalt Vila: four different spaces decorated with an incredible taste and loaded with surprising gastronomic proposals

The first of the celebrated gastronomic bets Group AmarIbiza on the island was born with La Dispensa, a restaurant divided into different locations which manages to astonish anyone who visits it. We put you in situation: The Dispensa are Four beautiful renovated peasant houses That are housed inside Different spaces, each with its own personality. Four different establishments that extend along Santa Cruz street of Dalt Vila and that they have in common the mime with which they have been designed.

In the first one, called 'Mother', we came across a space that emulates the beauty of the pantries of the ancient farmhouses of Tuscany. The second of its rooms, 'Cave', is precisely what its name indicates. Carved in the same stone as the houseIt is decorated with an impeccable style and is perfect for any type of group celebration. On the outside of this room stands an impressive Art Deco lamp. We also found 'The sushi' where you can taste the pieces of one of the best known 'sushiman' of Ibiza: Malcom and, finally, 'The room' stands out for its elegance and its ancient touches.

In addition to the style of its premises, with several references to vintage, there is something more that puts in value the quality of The Dispensa: its cuisine. In all your premises you will find dishes with incredible presentations and even better flavors. Elaborations with winks to the Italian, Spanish and even Japanese cuisine that will conquer the most demanding palates.

Su cellar is also of the most extensive, counting in his credit with Spanish, French and Italian references They marry perfectly with your letter. And we can not fail to mention their desserts, although it is best that you discover them for yourself.

The different environments of La Despensa invite you to share them. If that is your idea, ask about their Group menus, will adapt to your needs at all times. It is also ideal for romantic dinner Which you have long been planning. Its terraces, in one of the most beautiful streets of the walled city, already turn them into magical enclaves.

We advise you not to miss the opportunity to know these original restaurants endorsed by the quality and know-how of Amaribiza Group.


Crunchy calamari with citrus mayonnaise or artichokes a la romana are perfect for sharing. Of principal we advise you not to pass up the opportunity to try the burrata with smoked caviar of aubergines and Bloody Mary sauce or the tagliatelle with prawns and green asparagus. For dessert? Chocolate tiramisu or brownie.

Kitchen hours

From 19 hours to 1 at dawn in high season. In winter from 11 to 14 hours and from 19 to 1.

How to get there

Access Dalt Vila through the Portal of Ses Taules, which is just in front of the Old Market. Once you pass it, continue walking for about three minutes and you will see it right away.


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