Es Celler de Can Pere

Es Celler de Can Pere

Tradition and quality are joined in Es Celler de Can Pere, in Santa Eulalia. Try their paellas, stews or roasts is an experience you should not miss

Es Celler de Can Pere Opened its doors in Santa Eulalia ago more than half a century. During all those years it has managed to great fame based on effort and dedication. It has managed to conquer tourists and residents who repeat visits whenever they are looking for a safe bet.

With the rustic decor which characterizes a authentic Balearic celler, Can Pere is a restaurant typical ibicencan, familiar and welcoming. In your letter you will find the best recipes gastronomy of Ibiza, as well as dishes from the Mediterranean and international cuisine. They are specialists in rice, fish and shellfish and if it was not enough, Their steak roasts are spectacular. La services of the ingredients they use, always in season, makes the flavors that result from their dishes are always intense and delicious.

If you are in the village and you fancy a good menu we advise you to come to Es Celler de Can Pere. By 17,95 euros you can enjoy a first course, a second and a dessert. If you feel like taking something fast to continue with the ride you can stay in It is Celleret, an area with the air of a tavern where the Tapas are the protagonists. As you see, you have options for all tastes.

Definitely one of the things you should do if you visit Es Celler de Can Pere is to try their homemade desserts. Graixonera, Catalan cream, tarts, coulant… and the dessert par excellence: the soufflé, already known to all. We are not going to reveal the recipe to you, you better see for yourself the reason for its fame. And do not forget to accompany the delicacies of Es Celler with any of the wines that make up its select cellar.

Es Celler de Can Pere is the ideal place for a romantic, friends, family dinner and even any type of celebration. It has several rooms and a lovely terrace for summer days when the sun squeezes. If you plan to celebrate a special event such as a baptism, communion or even wedding, get in touch with your professionals. From the first moment they will show off their experience and kindness and will help you organize a day that neither you nor yours will forget.

In short, Es Celler is one of those restaurants where you will feel at home and to which you will return without thinking.


If you go to Es Celler de Can Pere in winter you can not leave without trying a real killer rice, there is no dish more appealing to alleviate the cold! At any other time of year your paellas are a must, as are roasts or baked fish.

Kitchen hours

In winter it opens from 13 to 15.30 and from 19 to 23 hours. In summer they extend up to 24 hours.

Getting Here

It is very simple since it is located on the main street of the municipality, 100 meters from the Town Hall. Can Pere gives to both San Jaime Street and the famous street restaurants.

Tradition and quality are joined in Es Celler de Can Pere, in Santa Eulalia. Try their paellas, stews or roasts is an experience you should not miss

0034 971 330 056


San Jaime Street, 63, Santa Eulalia, 07840, Ibiza


Summer: From 13 a.m. to 15.30 p.m. and from 19 p.m. to 24 p.m.
Winter: From 13 a.m. to 15.30:19 p.m. and from 23:XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX p.m.
Closed for Holidays: From after Kings to Easter
Closed for rest: Thursdays in winter and, from May, only Thursdays at noon


CONTACT Es Celler de Can Pere

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