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Address / Location

Manuel de Falla Street 12, 07800, Ibiza

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From 12 from noon to 1 from early morning
From 12 from noon to 24 hours
On Monday
Closed for vacations
In Christmas

In s'Enramada you will enjoy a rich homemade meal, a familiar treatment and irresistible prices. Grilled meats, fresh fish and daily menu

S'Enramada Is one of those Ibiza restaurants where eating at home is possible. This is done by Antonia and Eduardo, who have been in charge of the business for many years.

The calm and friendly atmosphere that you breathe in s'Enramada makes you forget completely that you are in one of the most famous tourist areas of Ibiza: playa d'en Bossa.

If you feel like tasting a Good, plentiful and economical menu, in S'Enramada you will be surprised with the quality of their products, their simple but well prepared dishes and their fantastic price. For so 10 euros only You can choose between a first, a second, a dessert, wine and homemade, who gives more?

All Tuesday prepare a tasty Fideuá and Fridays paella, one of the star dishes of the house. In addition, you will always find grilled meats and, of course, its magnificent fresh fish. If you go without trying the typical Bullit of peix Or a good one grilled fish you will regret it You are warned!

Complete your meal with one of your homemade desserts. You can choose from a wide variety, each one more good! his kitchen does not close until 1 at dawn, so you have no excuse not to go through your dining room or on Nice terrace.

And if you catch one of those days when the rush is hurrying, s'Enramada has for you a Huge assortment of tapas to take in a blink of an eye. In fact, you should know that in this restaurant Your consumption is always accompanied by one such caps A great detail! The main thing here is that the Customer sits at ease and as satisfied as possible.

Be prepared to recall the nuances of the authentic homemade food in s'Enramada.


You must taste yes or yes the fresh fish It is exquisite! And if you accompany the grilled double ribeye, besides being great, is perfect for two.

Kitchen hours

From 12 from noon to 1 at dawn, uninterrupted.

How to get there

Once you have passed the Sankeys nightclub on Les Alzines street, leave it on your right and take the first street that goes to the left. You will soon see the terrace of the s'Enramada restaurant.


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