Restaurant bar S'Illot des Renclí

Address / Location

Portinatx road VENDA, km 25.3, 07810 San Juan, Ibiza

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From 15 from June to 15 from September from 10 to 23 hours
Rest of months from 10 to 21 hours
Closed for vacations
From November to April, both included

The restaurant s'Illot des Renclí gives you beautiful views of the Mediterranean while savoring the goodness of the authentic seafood cuisine of Ibiza

Against a few imposing views of the Mediterranean Sea find the restaurant s'Illot des Renclí, in San Juan, one classics of the island of Ibiza. A place to sit down and taste the most famous recipes of local gastronomy it becomes a unique moment. And the restaurant has it all so you do not forget your visit.

This family business began its journey in 1983 and, to this day, it has consolidated as one of the favorites of both residents and tourists They are not afraid to get lost in the most beautiful corners of the island. One of its biggest attractions is the impressive panorama that gives you its terrace of one of the most charming beaches: s'Illot des Renclí. A tiny cove that hides in itself that tranquility so desired by some during the Ibiza summer.

But not only by his sight is s'Illot des Renclí known, but in it also has much to do with his kitchen, which could be defined as traditional seafaring. In their stoves is prepared what they say is the best 'guisat de peix' (fish stew) in Ibiza. Fish lovers will find exquisite delicacies here. In addition to fresh fish of the earth, you can taste delicious bullits de peix, paellas or rice dishes a la marinera. And to those that the fish does not finish convincing them, they will be able to choose varied salads or tasty meats.

If you're lucky, you'll be able to taste some of the incredible suggestions which the chefs of s'Illot often make. The Quality of raw material that they use when cooking is extraordinary. Most of the products with which they work receive them daily and, depending on what they receive, they prepare spectacular recommendations.

Not only in their kitchen they bet on the local product, but also in their cellar there is room for wines from the earth. Can Rich, Can Maimó or Sa Cova are some of the references plus demands, along with the wheel and the verdejo.

Their desserts are also irresistible. Flan, greixonera, flaó ... all homemade and natural, done with care and affection by expert hands.

S'Illot des renclí is a restaurant of the ones in the tradition and the sea air remain so captivating. A place of the most cozy in which its employees They will treat you at all times with closeness and kindness.

Take a seat on your terrace and feel how time stops for a moment while the sea breeze and the sound of the waves envelop you.


Try the peix guisat is essential! And for dessert the famous flaó Ibicenco or its fantastic tiramisu, handcrafted with care and dedication.

Kitchen hours

From 15 from June to 15 from September from 13 to 23 hours. The rest of months from 13 to 21 hours.

How to get there

It is much simpler than it may seem a priori. Take the Portinatx road and, at kilometer 25.3, take the turnoff to the left. After about 100 meters of road you will appear in the same parking of the restaurant. If you approach by sea, you are in the center of the bay of Xarraca.


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