Eating or dining in front of the sea is one of those "luxuries" that no one rejects. A good terrace, in this case with the magnificent views of the Mediterranean, can earn your food points.

In Ibiza there are plenty of restaurants on the beach with various characteristics, each one the better. There are them with service in their hammocks, with views of incredible natural spaces or even with the spectacular Ibizan sunsets.

As for gastronomy, you will find all kinds of options. Of course, there is no doubt that, if something fancies when you take a seat at a table on the beach, it is a good fish or paella. Or not?

If you think that eating at a beach restaurant in Ibiza is something reserved only for those who enjoy a privileged budget, you are very wrong. There are places suitable for all types of pockets and at we have made a selection of the best proposals, so that you always have a choice.

Restaurants> Menu Del Día-Superbuono-Ibiza
Ibiza, Ibiza and surroundings
-Little Ibiza-Ibiza
Little Ibiza
Restaurants> Menu Of The Day-Fusion Ibiza-Ibiza
Fusion Ibiza
Ibiza, Ibiza and surroundings
Tuk-Tuk-beach-club-ibiza-restaurant-san-jose - logo-guide-welcometoibiza-2021
Ibiza Tuk Tuk
Ibiza and surroundings
Restaurants-Forever Ibiza-Ibiza
Forever Ibiza
Ibiza, Ibiza and surroundings
Restaurants-Good Wave-Ibiza
Buena Onda
Playa d'en Bossa
Uncategorized-La Bodega de Talamanca-Ibiza
La Bodega de Talamanca
Ibiza and surroundings, Talamanca
Uncategorized-Los Parasoles-Ibiza
Los Parasoles
San Jose
Restaurants-Mumak Tropical-Ibiza
Mumak Tropical
San Jose
San Jose
Uncategorized-Cala Bonita-Ibiza
Cala Bonita
Santa Eulalia
Restaurants-La Escollera-Ibiza
La Escollera
San Jose
Restaurants-Lover Ibiza-Ibiza
Amante Ibiza Beach Club
Santa Eulalia
San Jose
San Jose
Restaurants-Sa Trinxa-Ibiza
Sa Trinxa
San Jose
-Kiss Beach Ibiza-Ibiza
Beso Beach Ibiza
San Jose
Uncategorized-Restaurante del Mar-Ibiza
Sea restaurant
Santa Eulalia
San Jose
Recommended on the Beach | Restaurants-Tropicana-Ibiza
Cala Jondal
Es-Xarcu-Ibiza-restaurant-San-Jose - logo-guide-welcometoibiza-2021
Es Xarcu
San Jose
Restaurants> Menu Of The Day-Sa Punta des Molí-Ibiza
Sa Punta des Molí
San Antonio
Uncategorized-Babylon Beach Ibiza-Ibiza
Babylon Beach Ibiza
Santa Eulalia
Restaurants-Es Torrent-Ibiza
Es Torrent
San Jose
-The Beach-Ibiza
The Beach
San Jose
Restaurants-Niu Blau Restaurant-Ibiza
Restaurante Niu Blau
Santa Eulalia
Restaurants-Brisa de la Mar-Ibiza
Brisa de la Mar
Santa Eulalia
Restaurants-Ses Boques-Ibiza
Ses Boques
San Jose
Uncategorized-César Beach Bar-Ibiza
Chiringuito César
Santa Eulalia
Restaurants-Cala Martina-Ibiza
Cala Martina
Cala Martina
-Cala Gracioneta-Ibiza
Cala Gracioneta
San Antonio
Cala Martina
Santa Eulalia
Uncategorized-Mar Bella host by Alua-Ibiza
Mar Bella host by Alua
Santa Eulalia
Restaurants-Atzaró Beach Restaurant-Ibiza
Atzaró Beach
Santa Eulalia
Uncategorized-Atzaró Beach The Chiringuito-Ibiza
Atzaró Beach Bar
Santa Eulalia
Aiyanna-Ibiza-restaurant-santa-eulalia - logo-guide-welcometoibiza-2021
Aiyanna Ibiza
Santa Eulalia
-Can Colomaret-Ibiza
Can Colomaret
Santa Eulalia
Restaurants-Ca's Milà-Ibiza
Ca's Milà
Cala Tarida
Restaurants-Can Yucas-Ibiza
Can Yucas
Cala Tarida
Uncategorized-Can Jaume-Ibiza
Can Jaume
Cala Vadella
Restaurants-Vadella Beach Bar-Ibiza
Vadella Beach Bar
Cala Vadella
Restaurants-Bon Sol-Ibiza
Bon Sol
San Jose
Restaurants-Cana Sofia-Ibiza
Cana Sofía
Cala Vadella
El Carmen restaurant
El Carmen
San Jose
Restaurants-Es Boldado-Ibiza
Es Boldado
San Jose
Restaurants-María Luisa-Ibiza
María Luisa
San Jose
Uncategorized-Can Tothom-Ibiza
Can Tothom
San Juan
Restaurants-S'Illa des Bosc-Ibiza
S'Illa des Bosc
San Jose
Restaurants-Sunset Ashram-Ibiza
Sunset Ashram
Cala Conta
Restaurants-Elements Ibiza-Ibiza
Elements Ibiza
San Juan
Restaurants-Restaurant 2000-Ibiza
Restaurante 2000
San Juan
Santa Eulalia
-Las Dalias Chiringuito-Ibiza
Las Dalias Chiringuito
Santa Eulalia
Uncategorized-The Boat House-Ibiza
The Boat House
Cala San Vicente
Uncategorized-Can Gat-Ibiza
Can Gat
San Juan
Uncategorized-Sa Descuberta-Ibiza
Sa Descuberta
San Juan
San Jose
Chiringuito-Blue-Ibiza-restaurant-Santa-Eulalia - logo-guide-welcometoibiza-2020
Chiringuito Blue Ibiza
Santa Eulalia
Coffee Mambo Ibiza
San Antonio
Sa-Trenka-ibiza-restaurante-santa-eulalia - logo-guia-welcometoibiza-2020
Sa Trenka
Santa Eulalia