Bar Anita. Ca n'Anneta

Address / Location

Plaza de la Iglesia s / n, San Carlos, 07850, Ibiza

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From 07.30 to 02.00 hours.
07.30 00.00 from a hours.

The Bar Anita restaurant in San Carlos is a must see in Ibiza. Taste the best of the island and the authentic Ibizan herbs in a place with its own history

The Bar Anita restaurant, better known by the Ibizans as Ca n'Anneta, is located in the center of Saint Charles, next to the village church. It's one of the oldest bars on the island, which gives it a unique charm.

It started being the small village store until a woman named Anita took over the house and in the year 60 opened what today is Ca n'Anneta. The cultural revolution that occurred in Ibiza at that time, championed by the famous hippies, was one of the reasons that led to its opening. Was the post Office of this area, which made it meeting point of residents and tourists who met in this space to talk about the changes that were taking place on the island.

Almost sixty years later, keeps its peculiar mailboxes and is undoubtedly an indispensable place when it comes to knowing the Ibiza more genuine.

Focusing on its culinary offer, Bar Anita serves exquisite homemade and delicious food caps among which are the octopus or their celebrated montaditos. The meat and fresh fish are exceptional, as are their Suggestions of the day, which they prepare based on the seasonal products they find on the market.

The typical desserts which are made by its cooks are another reason why it is worth passing by. The taste of their flaós and its greixoneres has no competition.

And if for some reason the Bar Anita it's for their Ibizan herbs. No matter the time or the day, here you will always find people tasting this exquisite liquor. For your elaboration, from which are in charge of the women of the town, use only the traditional method. Once you try their "herbes" you will not want others. Well, you should know that can you take a bottle at home.

Throughout the year, Bar Can Anita welcomes exhibitions by local and international artists. Original paintings that hang from their walls making the visit much more interesting.

Ca n'Anneta is an emblem on the island of Ibiza where to eat well, share their tapas or taste some good herbs ibicencas is a luxury within reach of all.


Try the Ibizan lamb in the oven, it's exquisite! If you prefer to share, a good dish of their famous montaditos never fails And for dessert? Do not miss a portion of the authentic flaó eivissenc or greixonera!

Kitchen hours

In summer the kitchen remains open from 8 to 24 hours. In winter from 12 to 16 and from 19 to 23.30 hours.

How to get there

It is very simple to find. You just have to look for the village church and right next door you will see the Anita bar. Ahead of the bar passes the road that goes towards Cala Sant Vicent.

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  1. Edyra says

    A deception ... twice. Twice I went to have a drink and both times the same waiter took the money from the account and returned after saying that he lacked money. It seems that several people have been the same with the same character that is supposed to be the son of the owner. As you take a couple of shots of herbs you think you're drunk and tricks you by saying you do not remember the money you put. Be careful!!! Make him count the money on the table before withdrawing it !!!

  2. Wake says

    A beautiful place is at ease I loved it I had a great time and very good produc7tos

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