Can Toni Mariano

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Address / Location

San Carlos road - Cala San Vicente kilometer 15. 07850, San Carlos, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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9 23 hours of a
Restaurant: Fridays and Saturdays from 19.30 to 23 hours. Store: from 9 to 20 hours
Sundays. In winter the restaurant only opens Friday and Saturday

Can Toni Mariano is a large restaurant in San Carlos with more than half a century of history. In it you can buy typical products of Ibiza and eat tasty grilled meats

Do you remember the charm of those grocery stores and restaurants in the Ancient Ibiza? Well, we are lucky that there is still one that resists the passage of time. Specifically, we talk about Can Toni Mariano, a place with a long history behind him that began there 60 years in San Carlos.

Run by the same family that opened it, it has a exceptional location since it is located in full Ibizan countryside already just five minutes from the beach of Aigües Blanques.

Can Toni Mariano is one of those sites that preserve the simplicity and customs of the island. In its small supermarket you will find different Ibiza products as local fruit and vegetables, honey or the typical "senallós", carryons in Spanish. In addition, you can get the food you need to spend a great day at the beach.

The restaurant, on the other hand, is specialized in meats. At its grill They prepare tasty pieces, some of them from Galicia. They have mixed grills perfect to share in your large terrace with views of the countryside, as well as grilled vegetables and salads. In addition, they are known for their rich sandwiches, Some say they are some of the best on the island! You can order them to take away or, if you prefer, to have breakfast or eat

And if you're also one of those who enjoys accompanying meat with a good wine, check out their complete winery. They have them of all kinds and of different denominations. Riverside of the Duero, Riojas, Albariños, of the Penedés ... They also have a careful selection of wines from the land of Can Rich and Can Maymó. Most of them you can also buy them in the store.

To finish, take a look at their homemade desserts. La Greixonera, the Catalan cream or the orange and apple cakes they are just some of the most popular.

If you are looking for a typically Ibizan place to enjoy peacefully tasty meat or do your shopping, Can Toni Mariano awaits you near the town of San Carlos.


If you are going to sit down for lunch or dinner, you can not leave without tasting the meat. The steak and entrecote are very good! If you have decided to go to the beach, stop by here first and ask them to prepare one of your sandwiches. You will not regret!

Kitchen hours

In summer you can eat from 13.30 to 16 and from 19.30 to 23 hours. From October only on Fridays and Saturdays from 19.30 to 23 hours.

How to get there

Take the San Carlos road - Cala San Vicente. When you reach kilometer 15 you will have to turn left to get there. There you will see the big Can Toni Mariano sign.


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