The Mexican Mezcalería (Temporarily closed)

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Road of San Carlos kilometer 9.3. 07840, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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Temporarily closed

Mezcalería Mexiterránea is an ambassador for mezcal in Ibiza. A multi-space in which homage is paid to this artisan distillate, to Mexico and to the local culture through senses, gastronomy and live music

We are sure that, no matter how hard you look, you will not find Ibiza a place like The Meiterlería Mexiterránea and we will explain why.

Your slogan, 'Mezcal, food & music', It is a great summary of its essence. In the Meiterlería Mexiterránea everything revolves around mezcal. Try this Mexican distilled 100% handmade is to fall at your feet and doing it here is a guaranteed success. Promote and honor its history without leaving aside the Mediterranean and local culture It is one of its main objectives.

The Meiterlería Mexiterránea is a space for the integration of traditions and cultures from all over the world divided into different areas.

On the one hand, you will find your Restaurant: Atlas Ibiza. In it you can enjoy a perfect fusion between local cuisine, Mexican cuisine and, of course, mezcal. Market cuisine with Ibizan products prepared in the Mexican style. Dishes for sharing and vegan and vegetarian options to accompany the 30 varieties who possess of this popular distillate.

If there's something you can not miss, it's the tasting experience. They will explain each of the peculiarities of mezcal while testing. Also, in their bar they prepare exquisite artisanal cocktails with natural ingredients and mezcal as the protagonist.

The culinary side does not end in your restaurant, but also have a taqueria that opens until the early hours of the morning and in which they elaborate vegetarian tacos, chicken and fish tacos.

While you enjoy your dinner, the GYAT artistic promoter is responsible for filling the stage of The Mezcalería with sounds from all over the world. They have a nourished musical programming with room for the most disparate styles.

The Thursday are the gastro days at Atlas. Different flavors, chefs and artists They change weekly to give you amazing evenings. The Friday from 20 hours to 2 in the early morning it's the turn of the tropical and latin rhythms with Psychotropical. More danceable sounds such as salsa, cumbia or bossanova take the stage of La Mezcaleria.

The Saturdays from 20 hours to 2 tribute is paid to the original site that occupied the premises in the 70 years. Milestones Stages presents live bands of the best local and international musicians who visit the island every season in Jam sessions to delight audiences with powerful covers, Jazz and a whole range of genres.

The Sundays from 16 to 2 they carry out the Mayahuel celebration, la deity that emanates from the Maguey (the agave). A tribute to the feminine energy of the earth in gratitude to mezcal and Mexico. During the celebration, a dj accompanied by acoustic instruments and surprising performances makes this space fill up Ethnic music, more shamanic and ceremonial but danceable.

Finally, the Monday from 20 hours to 2 the eclecticism invades The Mezcalería with the sounds of DubTropical Ibiza.

The calendar of events in this striking space invites enjoyment and sharing. It's the place ideal to go with friends and even with family, since they have a area for the little ones.

Once you have succumbed to mezcal in particular and to Mexico in general, you can take a bit of this culture by visiting the MXop store. Contemporary crafts of this country as textiles, jewelry or ceramics. In addition, they have a Expendium of Mezcal where you can get any of the varieties you've tried.

In short, La Mezcalería Mexiterránea is a multicultural space what are you looking for Rescue Mexican traditions deeper and share them with the world.

We all have our place in this Mezcal temple in Ibiza. What are you waiting for to discover yours?


To really enjoy this experience, it is best that you marinate your food with any of its mezcales. Only then will you discover each and every one of the nuances of this liquor.

Kitchen hours

The kitchen of the restaurant remains open from 19 hours to 24, however, the taqueria gives service until the 2 at dawn.

How to get there

From Santa Eulalia, head towards the town of San Carlos. The Meiterlería Mexiterránea is before reaching the Las Dalias market, on the left side of the road.

You can reserve your table by calling + 34 971 807 231 or 34 605 742 506.


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