Bar Restaurant El Quijote

Address / Location

Street Sa Punta Negra 4 low, 07810 Portinatx, San Juan, Ibiza

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7.30 24 hours of a
On Monday

If you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in Portinatx, Bar Restaurante El Quijote offers you its full menu of asados ​​and assorted dishes, as well as an inexpensive homemade menu

If you are looking for a quiet place where have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the zone of Portinatx, in San Juan, drop by Bar Restaurant El Quijote.

From the first hour they serve assorted toasts, snacks, teas and coffees so you do not go to the beach on an empty stomach.

At lunch and dinner there is no doubt that your strong point are roasts. They always prepare some, with the best meat they can find in the market. Lamb, knuckle, cheek, chicken, pork ribs ... Such is the hand they have for this dish that they assure that it melts in your mouth.

But meat is not the only thing they make. They serve complete daily dishes always accompanied by salad and homemade potatoes. Grilled fish like calamari or sepia they are also part of your letter, as well as salads, lasagna, gazpacho or soups. The important thing in Bar Restaurante El Quijote is that everything that comes out of your kitchen is home.

In addition to your letter, from Tuesday to Friday from 13 to 16 hours You can ask for your menu daily. A first course, a second, water or wine with soda and dessert or coffee by yourself 12 euros.

Finally, among your desserts you will find some typical Ibizan people like clay and the classics of all life as the egg or vanilla custard.

If you're looking for familiar trade and a kitchen of the before, of those that remind you of the food of home, enters Bar Restaurant El Quijote.


The roasts in general are very good. You can ask, for example, the shoulder of lamb or knuckle. You will not be disappointed! For dessert, ask for a piece of your chocolate cake. You will suck your fingers!

Kitchen hours

You can eat something throughout the day.

How to get there

Head towards the tourist center of Portinatx and, once you enter the center, you will see the Sa Vinya supermarket. Bar Restaurante El Quijote is located just behind.


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