Sa Finca

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Carrer ses Gorgònies 7. 08740, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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From 19 to 23.30
From 19 to 23.30
Closed for vacations
From November to the end of March

Sa Finca Restaurant, the best French food in Ibiza in an old and beautiful finca payesa overlooking the green mountains of Santa Eulalia

El Sa Finca restaurant en Santa Eulalia, It has incredible views since it is located in Full nature. Surrounded by green mountains and the sea in the background, it is an authentic house payesa with a special charm. The prestigious Belgian chef Eric Tortoloni Is personally in charge of this beautiful business and, of course, its kitchen.

The restaurant has outdoor areas so that the diner enjoys not only the gastronomic aspect, but also the spectacular views that are raised before him. In the part above it has a terrace from which you can see the Sun fall between the mountains, A magical moment that if you get that coincides with the dinner will make, of a good meal, an unforgettable moment.

Chef Tortoloni's kitchen focuses on the most praised recipes of the French and international gastronomy. Among his proposals are the smoked salmon or More exotic meats of the planet like that of Buffalo, ostrich, kangaroo, bison or zebra. He also dares, in very good manners, with typically Ibizan ingredients such as Peasant chicken However, if there is a dish that you can not leave without trying, it's the 'Moules frites with white wine', a Belgian specialty and from the north of France. Steamed mussels with a garnish of chips. This recipe of simple appearance is one of the most applauded of the Sa Finca Restaurant.

The treatment your team offers you is Excellent, which makes everyone want to go back. If you are also fascinated by your kitchen, you should know that they have Catering service for private events. Whatever your intention, they will ensure that you are the best host. Also, you can Celebrate them directly in the restaurant. Its facilities are that dream space that you have always sought to give, for example, the famous 'Yes, I want'.

Come to the Sa Finca restaurant and discover a magical place where to try quietly The specialties of the French gastronomy.


Try the duck magret with raspberry sauce or the rack of lamb. They are spectacular! Treat yourself and ask for tiramisu spice. You will not regret.

Kitchen hours

The kitchen is open from 19 hours to 23.30.

How to get there

At the entrance of Santa Eulalia, make the roundabout and go direction Siesta and Cala Llonga. Follow the signs to 'Buenavista Miramar' and you will soon arrive at the Sa Finca restaurant.

Sa Finca
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