El Deseo

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Calle Cap Martinet 7, low. 07819 Jesus, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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El Deseo, in Jesus, has entered the public in the pocket thanks to its exquisite Mexican food, its magnificent cocktails and the best promotions of Ibiza

If you are a good connoisseur of the Mexican cuisine or even if you have never tried it, drop by the El Deseo restaurant, Jesus We assure you that you will not regret it! After the success harvested in his place of Cala llonga, which has been open for more than five years, a year and a half ago they decided to try their luck in this beautiful town of Santa Eulalia and the results can not be better. The tables of El Deseo they fill up night after night Of diners eager to try a cuisine so rich and with so many nuances.

Su nice terrace It is perfect to spend a Relaxed and fun evening. Let yourself be surprised by the magnificent letter of this willing bistro, never better said, to make it happen "as it happens in Mexico". According to its owner, his intention has been to faithfully reproduce the type of premises that come in this country to enjoy.

Its menu is a varied sample of the best known dishes of the international cuisine with mexican touches. It varies throughout the year to offer you the best of each season. In winter, for example, you can find more appetizing dishes like different types of soup, for example.
Su menu is designed to satisfy everyone And each of its guests. Whether children or adults will always find a dish according to their tastes. Among the fun mix of Mexican flavors you will find, you will be able to order Hummus, sushi, tatakis or salads, always with that Mexican aftertaste so special. The Street Food of El Deseo is worthy of testing, as well as its burgers, already well known in Ibiza. In this particular dish you will immediately notice the american influence in its gastronomy.

They also have a Assortment of desserts of the most interesting and, if you prefer, you can go directly to the cocktails. They have a letter in which they present the more traditional recipes from a modern perspective. What's more, if you want something stronger, try the mezcal. They have 14 different classes, crafts and newcomers from Mexico, Quality guarantee!

Desire is the place Ideal for celebrations as business dinners or anniversaries. Both its terrace and its interior room have enough space to host this type of event, however, do not forget book a table The fame that Jesus' restaurant is acquiring is justified at 100%!

By the way, Stay tuned for your events. During the winter They have conducted promotions like the 2 × 1 in hamburgers, mezcalería or the tacos to a euro You can not miss them! Remember that, for more convenience, if you do not feel like coming up to the local take your food home.


As soon as you see them at the next table you will fancy, but just in case, do not forget to order the nachos deluxe! Either version will surprise you: the chili con carne, chicken or vegetables with satay sauce. Second a few tacos are a great option, as is the ceviche or one of their tasty burgers.

Kitchen hours

June, July, August and September from 12.00 to 1 and in winter from 12.00 to 24.00 hours.

How to get there

Finding it is very easy, since it is in one of the main streets of Jesus, Santa Eulalia. When you get to the village you must pass the church and take the first street that you find to the right. A few meters you will see El Deseo.


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