Galicatessen Pintxos

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Open all year long

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Carrer del Mar 5, 07840 Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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8.30 24 hours of a
8.30 24 hours of a
On Mondays in winter

Do you want to eat pintxos in Ibiza? In the Galicatessen restaurant they have them for one euro and one and a half euros! Galician product and a great atmosphere in the center of Santa Eulalia

There is no doubt: leave pintxos for Ibiza it's fashionable! Surely you already know the typical locals, but Santa Eulalia now has one that you should not overlook: Galicatessen Pintxos.

Arrived from Galicia, It brings to the island some of the most popular products of that region so that we can also enjoy them. The best? That you can do it at unthinkable prices in Ibiza. The pintxos in Galicatessen range from the euro to the 1'5!

They have a wide assortment with something in common: always they make them up to date. There are for lovers of meat, seafood, for Vegetarians and even for coeliacs. After all, the goal is for everyone to enjoy their cuisine.

Maybe the pintxos are their specialty, but not the only one. its Dish of the day It has no waste and, in addition, they serve it with Dessert, drink and coffee for only 8 euros. Carrilleras, sesame rice from Ibizan cuttlefish, marmitako de sirvia, fideuá de langostino ... recipes made with love and great ingredients so you do not miss homemade food.

Likewise, as good Galicians that they are, they can not miss seafood casseroles of Galicia nor the protagonist of its cuisine: the octopus! Their professional pulpeiros they will prepare you a good Octopus table by 15 euros. Order it with one of its wines, have a complete Winery full of Spanish references.

And to close a round lunch or dinner, your desserts they are also going to One euro or one and a half euros. Brownie or custard with cookie They are a temptation.

By the way, in Galicatessen Pintxos you can also have breakfast. If you are one of those who have a strong breakfast, they have a buffet breakfast whereby 15 euros You will find scrambled eggs, toast, pastries or Iberian acorn-fed ham. If you want something lighter, they also prepare simple breakfasts with toast, coffee or juice.

Paying more has never been a guarantee of eating better and Galicatessen Ibiza It is a great example of that. If you want to check, go to this restaurant in Santa Eulalia. We all are welcome here, even you pet!


Crunchy chicken or fried egg with potatoes, chorizo ​​and peppers are essential, but if there is anything that will drive you crazy, it is the octopus.

Kitchen hours

Breakfasts are served from the 8.30. The kitchen opens from 12 to 16 hours and from 19 to 23, but during the day you will always have some pintxo to put in your mouth.

How to get there

Galicatessen is located on a transversal to the famous Paseo de s'Alamera. Go down it towards the sea and take the second street on the left. You will see it a few meters away.


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