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Open all year long

Address / Location

Isidoro Macabich Street 13, 07840 Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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From 8 to 1 at dawn
From Monday to Saturday from 8 to 24 hours
On Sundays, although from the 16 from June to the 15 from September they do open from 19 to 24
Closed for vacations
The 15 13 December to January

Hamburguesería Lina is a classic in Santa Eulalia. Their hamburgers, great prices and the good atmosphere of the place are already known in Ibiza

Few are those who do not know yet Hamburguesería Lina, in Santa Eulalia. Tras more than 11 open years, it has become all a classic Township.

Eating a good burger here is almost a tradition. Couples, friends and families go through their tables every day attracted by the good atmosphere and closeness who breathe in the premises and, of course, for their mythical burgers.

If you wonder what is special, we will tell you. On the one hand, there is the fact that they are home and, on the other, quality of the meat that they employ. They make them of beef and beef and its taste is irresistible.

La experience they have in the kitchen and the love with which they prepare each and every one of his dishes is also important. In addition to hamburgers, in your letter you will find hot dogs, mixed dishes, sandwiches, sandwiches, salads, meats, crepes or tapas.

Hamburguesería Lina is also the perfect cafeteria where you can have a good breakfast. Natural juices, toasts, sandwiches, pastries ... Not to mention their homemade cakes. As soon as you see them, you will not be able to resist. The one of Nutella and Oreo they have already become the favorites of many.

And since we're here, we're going to encourage you to try your Cocktails, a great option to put the finishing touch to your lunch or dinner.

In Hamburguesería Lina you can eat in your living room or on the terrace and, if you have the lazy day, you can also do your Home delivery.

If you want to enjoy a lively atmosphere and share laughs with your family good food, Hamburguesería Lina awaits you in Santa Eulalia.


Do not leave without trying the beef burger or the belly. And for drink? A refreshing strawberry mojito!

Kitchen hours

In winter from 8 to 24 hours and in summer until 1 in the early morning.

How to get there

It's easy, it's on the famous street of Santa Eulalia's restaurants. Take it and you will find it in one of its corners, where they cut San Vicente street with Isidoro Macabich.


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