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Address / Location

Cap Martinet street on corner of Llinquer street. 07819, Jésus, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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From Monday to Saturday from 19 hours to 1 in the early morning
From Monday to Saturday from 19 hours to 1 in the early morning
Closed for vacations
From November to April, both included

Kodo Ibiza invites you to live a Japanese 100% experience in their restaurant in Jesus. Japanese specialties, sushi and a full service at home

Kodo is a Japanese word that means beat and also a type of music based on the sound of the taiko drums that are played to eliminate the bad energies. In Ibiza, In addition, it is the name of this Japanese restaurant of the town of Jesus, a place where you will be part of an exotic combination of experiences and flavors of the Japanese country.

As soon as you enter Kodo Ibiza you will realize that not a single detail escapes them. Each aspect is measured so that you spend a wonderful evening.

On the one hand, its modern lounge invites you to enjoy a relaxed meal, without hurry. On the other, its terrace It is perfect for a dinner between two or, why not, with friends or family. Everyone is welcome here!

At Kodo they are specialists in traditional Japanese gastronomy, a modern and minimalist kitchen that takes into account the flavors of always.

El sushi is one of its strengths and see how they prepare it live in their kitchen in sight It is a joy. They have a great assortment of pieces among which you will find different Vegan and vegetarian options. However, their menu has much more to offer. Here you can also try pokes, tempuras or woks, among other recipes.

In Kodo Ibiza the Japanese tradition also extends to desserts and drinks. Try the typical Mochi can be the perfect closure to your food, as well as take one of your Japanese beers like Kirin & Asahi or Sapporo. They also prepare cocktails made with seasonal ingredients and they have happy hour From 19 to 21 hours you will find them half-price!

If you prefer to enjoy the specialties of Kodo Ibiza comfortably at home, you can ask that prepare your order to take or, directly, call give it to you. Green Delivery Ibiza will take care of making you arrive. In this case, you should not lose sight of your original boxes. Of different sizes and combos, They are ideal to share with whoever you want.

Discover in Kodo Ibiza all the secrets of one of the most popular cuisines in the world.


Do not miss the Signature Rolls, the Poke bowl or the Tataki & Yakisoba selection.

Kitchen hours

From 19 hours to 24.

How to get there

Leave Ibiza in the direction of Santa Eulalia and when you see the detour to Jesus, take it. Once in the village, you will see the church. Continue straight and, when you pass, turn the first right. Go straight and you will see it on the corner of third street.


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