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Address / Location

Los Claveles Street 14, 07840 Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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18 24.30 hours of a
18 24.30 hours of a
Closed for vacations
From November to February

Albissa Restaurant, in Santa Eulalia, offers a complete menu full of international recipes and flambé dishes at a very affordable price

If you are looking for a restaurant of those in which dine at home at reasonable prices, you found it: Albissa Restaurant, in Santa Eulalia. He opened at 1982 and, to this day, continues to serve his clients like the first day.

Albissa restaurant kitchen focuses on acquaintances international recipes In addition, they are specialists in all types of flambéed meats and desserts, a technique with which few dare. The most striking thing is that they carry it out in front of the diner, so you can witness live the moment when the flames wrap the food.

The letter is composed of a variety of options, many of them without gluten. You will always find a dish to your liking and their prices are still more accessible with what to eat homemade, rich and without leaving a bundle, it is possible here.

Albissa Restaurant has a wine cellar full of international wines that perfectly accompany your meal. What's more, your team prepares classic cocktails as mojitos, caipirinhas or caipiroskas.

Take a seat in your terrace and, if you have doubts about what to ask, let yourself be advised by your friendly waiters. They also have a saloon and, if you did not have time to drop by the restaurant, you can ask to be prepared any of their dishes to go.

Enjoy every day, from March to October, the homemade food of Albissa Restaurant with family or friends.


Of course, your flambées or the homemade burger of 300 grams, 100% beef with goat cheese. If you're going to order dessert, try the banana flambé or the pancake Loli filled with vanilla ice cream and flambéed with orange liqueur.

Kitchen hours

From 18 to 23 approximately hours.

How to get there

Head towards Santa Eulalia and, when you arrive at the roundabout before entering the town, turn towards Siesta. Go straight and you will find the Albissa restaurant, right in front of the Aprop supermarket.


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