Sushi Sho

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Passeig de Santa Gertrudis 2. 07814, Santa Gertrudis, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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19 23.30 hours of a
19 23.30 hours of a
On Monday
Closed for vacations
From February 3 to May 1, 2020 included

Rediscover your passion for sushi at the Sushi Sho Ibiza restaurant. A local Japanese care in Santa Gertrudis that stands out for its good value for money

It is clear that the success of sushi has no limits. If you are not able to resist this Japanese delicacy, now you have a new restaurant where you can taste it: Sushi Sho

Is located in the center of Santa Gertrudis, one of the most beautiful villages in Ibiza. its terrace, located in the middle of the square, it is therefore the perfect place to dine with some great views. In addition, it is suitable for the children of the house, since the passage is pedestrian.

Once you have a seat at Sushi Sho, it's time to take a look at your letter. Take is the sushiman from the restaurant, a japanese chef which will make you rediscover sushi and appreciate it even more. Sashimis, nigiris, makis ... you will find all varieties, always made with quality gender that they acquire daily to guarantee their freshness.

If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, nothing will stop you from eating at this restaurant. They have pieces of sushi prepared with tofu, wakame salad or one of its strengths: the Vegetable tempura!

Its cellar is wide and varied. They have some 30 references other than red, white and rosé wines so much Spaniards as French. However, since you are, why not take the opportunity to accompany your meal with typical Japanese drink? They have beer and sake of Japanese lands! As for beer, you can try the Asahi bottle or barrel (they are one of the few that have this latest version in Ibiza) or the classic Sapporo If sake is your thing, prepare your palate to savor the soft Kiku-Masamune or Yanagui high quality. In addition, they also own the famous Umeshu plum liquor.

Another option is to ask for your takeaway. They will serve you in a beautiful wooden box so that it reaches your destination perfectly.

Fall in love with sushi and everything that surrounds Japanese culinary culture in Sushi Sho Ibiza, in Santa Gertrudis.


Try the vegetable tempura is essential here! As for sushi, surely you like any of its specialties. We stay with the Spicy Tuna, An Ebi Roll or the Warm Roll. Don't miss out on their authentic bull, tuna, salmon, shrimp, eel or scallop niguiris. Finally, your chicken or octopus karaage will surprise you, for both children and adults.

Kitchen hours

19 23.30 from a hours.

How to get there

Take the road from Ibiza to Santa Eulalia and, at kilometer 5, you will see the turnoff to Santa Gertrudis on your left. Take it until you reach the town and, once in it, you will see Sushi Sho right in front of the only tobacconist. Leaving the church behind you walk straight ahead and you will find it on your right, after the Ulivans Bar.


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