Las Dalias Café

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Address / Location

Highway Ibiza - San Carlos, kilometer 12. 07850, San Carlos, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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Every day from 8 a 24 hours
Every day from 8 a 24 hours

Las Dalias Café reinvents itself to present a Mediterranean menu with influences from around the world and a modern space that retains the charm of its historical essence

Was 4 November of 1954, day of San Carlos, when the coffee shop Las Dalias Opened its doors in Santa Eulalia. In a short time it became one of those roadside bars with something special. Meeting point for residents and tourists They wanted to relax taking something in their simple terrace.

Recently renovated on the occasion of its anniversary 65, Las Dalias Café he has managed to reinvent himself completely without losing that essence So characteristic of what a day was. This is something they have managed to maintain details such as the previous fireplace or exposing its old stone walls.

In the Café Dalias we now find a space in which to feel comfortable in any company and at any time. A place ideal for a business meeting, a snack among friends or a romantic dinner.

One of the things that has changed is its gastronomic offer, much more extensive and varied, so that we all find something according to our tastes.

From 8 am serving breakfast of all kinds. Healthy fruit bowls, oatmeal, yogurt, acai or kefir; pastries or classic toast and some more elaborate, like roasted pepper and tomato with melted goat cheese. Appetizing? Well, get ready to take a look at your lunch and dinner menu.

In it you will find a faithful reflection of the spirit of the Dalias and of all the cultures that come together in this place. A Mediterranean proposal with oriental, Mexican, Jamaican or Spanish airs, among others. With Traditional dishes but with modern touches. You can try delicacies such as falafel, tacos or baths, even hamburgers, kebabs, meat or fish. Su Chef is a sushi specialist and, in addition, prepares attractive Vegan and vegetarian options.

You should not leave without trying your offer Ibizan eggs. You can combine them with the ingredients you want! And you can not ignore its 'do it yourself' menu. They serve it until June from Monday to Friday from 13 to 16 and from 20 to 23 hours. As its name suggests, you decide how you want to compose it. You have the option of ordering an entree and a first, a first and a second, a starter and a sandwich ... Whatever you want!

And to accompany your proposals, a selection of organic and Spanish wines young, fresh and sexy and their refreshing cocktails.

We advise you not to lose sight of your events. Afternoons of the Thursday, for example, they are a homage to the world's gastronomy. Every Thursday they choose a different country and prepare traditional dishes While the live music it resonates in the living room.

As soon as you visit Las Dalias Café you will understand that there are places where you want to extend the day and repeat. And is that you will hardly find a place like this in Ibiza, where sharing, enjoying and letting time pass is a real joy.


We can not stay with a single proposal, but we can tell you that shrimp tacos or sushi are irresistible, as well as kebab and chicken wings.

Kitchen hours

Open uninterrupted from 8 to 23 hours.

How to get there

It is in the market of Las Dalias, right at the entrance. You will have to leave Santa Eulalia in the direction of San Carlos and you will see it on the road itself.


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