Bar San Francisco

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Highway Salinas km 2.8, 07818 San Francisco, San Jose, Ibiza

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In San Francisco Bar, in Salinas, is an essential in Ibiza. In the you will find fantastic homemade food and a view that you will hardly forget

San Francisco Bar, in San Jose, is one of those corners of Ibiza that when you know add to your favorite list automatically. Has a enviable location, In full Ses Salines Natural Park, front to the beautiful pools of salt and the beautiful Church of Sant Francesc. In winter, at sunset, it becomes a place more magic even when the sunset light bathes him completely, an image you can not erase from your mind.

Not only your views will fascinate you. Prepare to try the dishes that come out of your kitchen. Homemade food elaborated with a special affection. They have everything you could want: handcrafted pasta, salmon, tuna or argentinean burgers: 70% veal and 30% of chorizo ​​criollo with roasted peppers. Also have barbecue of selected meats as pen, secret, Iberian prey, sirloin, lamb chops or fish such as tuna loin. In addition, they have recipes suitable for vegetarian and vegan and quinoa or tofu burger and a good assortment of salads.
Of course, they have not stopped serving their characteristics sandwiches or quesadillas, for those who prefer something faster and some suggestions. Among them, the beetroot carpaccio with pistachio vinaigrette, el tuna tartar with avocado mousse or Caprese salad.

The desserts They are also impressive and have a very varied menu. Apple crumble, chocolate mousse, crepes, red fruit cake with chocolate base, brownie, cheesecake... The greediest will enjoy as dwarfs.

If you have thought about spending the day at the beach and do not want to take your food, do not hesitate to make a stop in San Francisco and, if you spent the day in Salinas and need a break, it is also the best option. Sit in your nice terrace surrounded by gardens and try one of your classic cocktails your body will thank you! Also have premium gins, for the most exquisite palates.

By the way, it is one of the few restaurants that remain open in winter in Salinas.

Take a break and take the opportunity to sit on the terrace of San Francisco, contemplate a beautiful panorama and enjoy a moment of peace without equal.

If you want to know more, visit his Instagram or on profile on Facebook.


If you like stuffed pasta, San Francisco is a success. The owner herself prepares it by hand. We also advise you to try any of their meats with potatoes and grilled vegetables and, as a dessert, do not ever leave without ordering the red fruit cake. If you are lucky enough to find it when you go, because it ends soon after leaving the oven!

Kitchen hours

From 12 from noon to 23 at night in summer. In winter closes at 18 hours.

How to get there

It is very simple. You must go to the beach of Saltworks, past the town of Sant Jordi. Just before arriving you will find the beautiful Church of Sant Francesc de ses Salines, on the right side of the road. San Francisco is the restaurant that you will see directly opposite.


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