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Address / Location

Road of the Salinas kilometer 2,7. 07818, San José. Ibiza

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Every day from 19 hours to 2 at dawn
Closed for vacations
From November to April included

Coricancha, in the natural park of Salinas, Ibiza, is a mixture of flavors. A unique culinary experience for the senses. Dishes and drinks with soul, a trip to the interior of the Nikkei kitchen

If you thought that you had seen everything in terms of gastronomy you are very wrong and the restaurant Coricanchaof the well-known Blue Marlin Ibiza, he is going to prove it to you. Open your mind and prepare to enjoy a Exceptional culinary experience.

Coricancha is synonymous with Japanese-Peruvian gastronomy, where it is only possible to create new trends when the tradition of two ancient culinary arts is respected. This is the challenge of the restaurant: to achieve a mix of unique flavors. For this, they employ pioneering and daring combinations that result from mixing techniques and ingredients from Peru, Japan and Ibiza.

Coricancha means "Temple of the Sun" and refers to one of the most venerated Inca temples in Cuzco, Peru, where the Inti (Sun) God was worshiped. The desire of this precious space is to move the ceremony in time and space to Ibiza, where they receive their clients with the sunset, to enjoy a true Gastronomic adventure with author stamp and views of the Salinas.

El lounge Bar It is another invitation to immerse yourself in a dreamlike atmosphere with eyes and palate wide open. He cocktail menu is inspired by the four elements of nature: water, earth, air and fire, where all the ingredients are homemade and capture the essence of nature in a liquid and pure state.

Prepare to live in Coricancha a culinary show that, at least, will touch the perfection.


Hurry to taste the spicy Lamb of Coricancha. Chops with achiote and various spices You will not leave one on the plate!

Kitchen hours

The kitchen is open from 19 hours to 1 at dawn.

How to get there

Coricancha is located on the same road that leads to the beach of ses Salines, at the height of the Church of Sant Francesc.


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