Il carrettino siciliano

Address / Location

Avenida Punta Arabí, building Els Arcs 95, local 13-14, 07849 Es Canar, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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Every day from 12 a 24.30 hours
From November to April

Il Carrettino Siciliano has been serving for its customers some of the best homemade recipes of Italian and Sicilian cuisine in Ibiza for more than three decades

Il Carrettino Siciliano It is one of those restaurants that when you try for the first time you are not able to forget. Located in full Es Canar, Santa Eulalia, carries More than 31 years open, For what counts customers both from Ibiza and from outside the island They do not hesitate to repeat the experience at their tables.

have a broad letter, of the most varied. Forget pretentious and minimalist dishes, in Il Carrettino Siciliano please your guests with good homemade food and generous portions. The Italian gastronomy Is the protagonist of the premises, namely, the Sicilian They prepare all kinds of Meats and fish, pasta and, of course, Pizzas Their chefs select the ingredients With those who make their dishes. Always Fresh and of the best quality, Test them personally to make sure they are up to your kitchen.

Everything here is prepared to the moment, following the steps of the original recipes but giving them a touch of their own. The Pasta is fresh, the meat is cut at the moment and Pizzas, lasagne and cannelloni Follow the same line.

The most curious thing is that if there is something that has Considerable fame in this peculiar restaurant is his bread with alioli. Yes, as you read. They serve it with amazing rolls that cook themselves and serve warm. And the strangest thing is not that in a Sicilian restaurant one of its specialties is the bread with alioli, but the fact that it is free. Do not leave Il Carrettino Siciliano without trying it.

Its owners and employees will make you feel at home. Is a space Of the most Cozy, family friendly. They have a magnificent terrace and a Room with typical Sicilian decor.

Your kitchen does not close during the afternoon, So you can enjoy their specialties throughout the day. Likewise, prepare food on request. Call, make your order and in less than you imagine you can happen to pick it up.

Finish your meal at Il Carrettino Siciliano with a good Homemade dessert All of them are delicious, but the tiramisu, the Sicilian cannoli and la panna cotta they are spectacular. And, in case you have not been satisfied enough, (something practically impossible) you will be invited to a real homemade limoncello.

If you are looking for quality, good prices and a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere Il Carrettino Siciliano is your restaurant in es Canar.


Try their spaguetti alle vongole with seafood or their fresh mussels to the marinera. You should also know that they have many customers who come to Canar with the sole purpose of eating a portion of their rich lasagne.

Kitchen hours

From 12 to 16.30 and from 18 to 24 hours.

How to get there

It is easy. You should take the main street of es Canar, the one that goes up to the hippie market of Punta Arabí. You will find it a few meters above the Jacaranda.


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