Los 100 Montaditos Ibiza

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C / Carlos V corner Ignacio Wallis (Torre Can Ventosa), 07800, Ibiza

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Of 11: 30 01 to: 00 hours
Of 11: 30 01 to: 00 hours

100 Montaditos, the most economical and delicious option to go out of tapas in Ibiza. Salted and sweet Montaditos, appetizers, salads and drinks at the best price in the center of Ibiza.

If you like to go out to Take something for Ibiza And most importantly, to a Very economical price Without losing quality and enjoy a good Fresh mound, Accompanied by a very cool beer, you're in luck because the franchise 100 Montaditos Is present on the island, specifically In the center of the city of Ibiza. And as it is in Ibiza, it also has a comfortable terrace To enjoy its good weather.

From eleven thirty in the morning and well into the night, 100 montaditos serve Delicious and freshly baked montaditos Of all kinds, both Salty as candy And, although surprising given its economical price, of very good quality. You can also accompany them by a large Variety of beer sizes, From the smallest, the zurito, to the largest, the litrona and try, while you wait for your order, any of your appetizers. If you fancy something lighter, or for vegetarians, they also have a great variety of salads Always made with fresh products.

In addition and to adjust even more the price if it fits, always have offers and promotions like the already famous Euromanía Which consists of All of the letter costs 1 €, Yes, you have read it well, 1 €. Stop by your place any day, do not look at the wallet, ask for everything you want and even then, the final count will surprise you, for good, of course.


Cold beer and ... the montadito you like.

How to get.

You find it in the section of pedestrian street that is at the end of the street Carlos V, almost with the avenue of Ignasi Wallis, to the height of the new office building where is the official store of Mac.

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  1. Frans Hurkmans (Frans abi) says

    Dear sir / madam,
    My name is Frans Hurkmans from the Netherlands and I do have a serious question. I just found out (in Google) that my good friend Ömer Erten is working for 100 Montaditos. Ömer Erten and I have been friends for a couple of years, and that was about 15 years ago. And after that we have lost contact.
    If Ömer Erten is still working for your company, I like to ask you to contact him and to tell him that me (Frans abi) is looking for him and that I like to be in contact again with him. It has been such a very long time ago.
    I will be very thankfull for your help.
    with greets,
    Frans Hurkmans (Frans abi)
    Dordrecht / Nederland

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