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Address / Location

Bisbe Abad and Lasierra 34 Street, 07800 Ibiza

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13.30 24 hours of a
13.30 24 hours of a

If you are looking for a good burger in Ibiza, 100% American style, 202 Hamburger & Delicious awaits you with its appetizing menu and striking decoration

The hamburger shop 202 Hamburger & Delicious l Ibiza in the 2014 year. A project matured by its owners nothing more and nothing less than in the city of NY, cradle of some of the best burgers on the planet.

The first thing that will call your attention in 202 Hamburger & Delicious Ibiza will be the place itself, since it has been decorated in a very original way. It is full of metal chairs and tables of different styles and colors, they have comfortable sofas, a corner for the kids and even a swing chair. All with a beautiful american vintage touch that makes it special.

La American food is the basis of the 202. They have a long list of burgers elaborated by means of a secret recipe and with first quality meat. They are served in United States milk bread. They have them veal, chicken, salmon plus, Vegetarian

How could it be otherwise, they all go accompanied by some rich and crispy chips. We assure you that you will not be hungry! However, since you are, do not cut yourself and try your homemade chicken nuggets or onion rings.

Surely as soon as you enter you notice your fridge and, specifically, your desserts. La triple chocolate cake (yes, triple!) does not go unnoticed. It's huge and it's tremendous! The cheesecake is another of its delights, as well as muffins or cookies. No matter how full you are, you can not resist!

En 202 Hamburger & Delicious Ibiza They always wait for you with a big smile but, if you can not get close to the burger shop, Take your order home! Call and enjoy at home the intense flavor of the authentic American food.


Any of your burgers you'll love but, if you like chicken, order the chicken crispy chicken burger breaded with Japanese striped bread and homemade guacamole. If you do not fancy hamburger, the club sandwich is a great option.

Kitchen hours

13.30 23.30 from a hours.

How to get there

If you are in the fountain square of Isidoro Macabich, continue in the direction of Correos and, when you see the Harinus coffee shop on the next corner, turn right. 202 Hamburger & Delicious is about 50 meters away.
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