Anduriña da Médica

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Address / Location

Calle Aragón 26. 07800, Ibiza

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From morning to 9 24 hours
From morning to 9 24 hours
entered1 SHOW MENU TUESDAY 15 €

Anduriña da Médica is one of the most popular Galician restaurants in Ibiza. Savor a piece of Galicia with its seafood, octopus a feira or Galician beef ribeye

Ibiza account since 1996 with a little piece of Galicia thanks to Anduriña da Médica Restaurant. Located in the city ​​center, It has since become a classic on the island. There is no nostalgic or lover of Galician cuisine that has not gone through it.

Manolo Rivas He is in charge of the kitchen, a Chef specialized in the most popular Galician recipes. How can it be otherwise, the fresh seafood and fish They are undisputed protagonists of his letter. The b is a delicacy, either grilled or feira, and eat one Mariscada A pleasure like few. Its intense sea flavor and quality are given by its origin, and that is It arrives directly from the north.

Scallops, scallops, crayfish, cod, monkfish ... The options are countless! And not only in regards to the cuisine of the sea, but also have meats like Galician beef steak. Of course, there is no lack of cachelos, the zorza, the lacón, the cheese of tetilla, the grelos or peppers of Padrón.

One of the most recommended options in Anduriña da Médica is to try their great menus. Four first and three seconds to choose more dessert. They serve it Monday through Friday at noon, it costs only 15 euros and in it you will find specialties from the four provinces of Galicia.

To continue with the essence of the earth, you can't stop asking for one of their homemade desserts. The famous Santiago cake and the pomace cake They are among them. We also advise you to bathe your food with a good Albariño, Ribeiro, Godello or with any of the Spanish varieties that complete your winery.

If you want to discover Galician cuisine or you long for the food of your land, Anduriña da Médica awaits you in Ibiza to show you the best of this famous cuisine.


You can't leave without trying grilled octopus. If you are more than meat, do not miss the Galician veal t-bone steak and, for dessert, the brown liqueur tiramisu.

Kitchen hours

Breakfast is served from 9 in the morning and, after 13, they open the kitchen. Close at 16 hours and reopen from 20.30 to 24.

How to get there

If you are in Aragón street, it is at the height of the Europa Punic Hostel, past the church of Santa Cruz. If you go on Avenida España, you must pass the Consell Insular and, when you see a pharmacy in the corner of the next street, turn left. Continue straight and turn right on the first street. You will see the restaurant right away.


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