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Open all year long

Address / Location

Felipe II Street, number 13, bass. 07800, Ibiza

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From 11 hours to 1 in the early morning
From 11 hours to 1 in the early morning

Bidebide Restaurant is one of the favorites when eating pintxos in Ibiza. Basque recipes, txacolí, cider and one of the liveliest environments of the city center

If we talk about going pintxos for Ibiza inevitably comes to mind the Bidebide restaurant, or not? Without a doubt it is one of the classics of the city center and you will always find its bar full of these popular snacks.

The Basque restaurant has become a essential for workers in the area who are looking for have breakfast or throw something fast and rich to the stomach, but also for those who like to eat or dine in a lively atmosphere. Everyday at all hours your bar becomes a great showcase of cold pintxos. A wide variety so you do not have to repeat and, in addition, they also prepare them hot.

Besides, in your letter you will find different hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, mixed dishes and, of course, some other Basque specialty like the Cod in Biscay. In Bidebide Ibiza you can not miss a Donostia touch!

To round the meal nothing like a good wine. The Bidebide winery is also a faithful representation of the northern lands. In addition to an extensive selection of Spanish references, they have txakolí with designation of origin and with the authentic Basque cider

Rest assured that Bidebide's atmosphere will make you extend the after-dinner. Request one of your cups and take the opportunity to meet that island people of all ages that shares objective: to have a good time in the restaurant.

The good hand of Bidebide and his fame have led them to fulfill nothing more and nothing less than 10 years in Ibiza. Come and celebrate with them and enjoy their cuisine and great atmosphere. You will repeat!


Surely any of your pintxos will like you. But, the ribeye is another great option, as well as some of their burgers.

Kitchen hours

From 13 to 16 hours and from 20 to closing, which varies. Of course, outside these hours you can always eat some cold pintxo.

How to get there

If you take Bartomeu Rosselló Avenue (the one of the stores) in the direction of the port, go to the corner of Stradivarius and turn left. You'll see Bidebide at the corner of the next street.

If you go with a car, you should know that with a minimum consumption of 15 euros they will give you a free one hour ticket for parking.


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