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Address / Location

Miguel Cayetano Soler 2, 07800 Ibiza

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From May to October from 12 to 1. Fridays and Saturdays from 11 to 3
Thursday from 11 to 1. Fridays and Saturdays from 11 to 2 and Sundays from 11 to 17 hours
From May to October on Mondays. Rest of the year Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Closed for vacations
January and February 2020

Born is one of the few specialty coffee shops in Ibiza. In addition, it is a complete vinacoteca, vermutería and restaurant of gourmet products

Still you not know Born? Located in the mythical Plaza of the Park of Ibiza, it has become in a short time one of those Places to consider at any time of the day.

Born is a specialty coffee shop, a wine store, a vermouth and a gourmet restaurant, all in one. A perfect combination between enthusiasm and enthusiasm, quality products and a meticulous aesthetic.

Born is an Ibizan term that it means 'jellyfish'. In addition, the word gives name to one of the most popular neighborhoods in Barcelona and his translation of English is 'born'. All these meanings are present in some way in this original café-restaurant.

Ibiza has a great presence in this charming local. In Born they want to value the virtues of the product of the land and, therefore, most of their elaborations are carried out with raw material of the island.

'Born to be natural' is the breakfast menu. From the 10 in summer and the 10.30 hours in winter, the fresh fruit circulates through Born in the form of natural juices, smoothies with superfoods, yoghurts with muesli ... Having breakfast on your terrace is a pleasure! In addition, Born is a specialty cafe and what does this mean? Well, unlike the rest, they use a less roasted coffee, so you can feel the authentic flavor of the coffee fruit, more acidic.

When lunch and dinner, Born takes out his most hooligan side. Your letter becomes 'Born to be wine' and the place becomes a fantastic vermutería in the purest style of Barcelona. Of course, we can not forget the great wine selection They own. From Ibiza, the Balearics, Catalans and Spaniards that match perfectly with their dishes.

Your tables of 3 or 5 cheeses; that gourmet sausages such as the cecina de León, the sobrasada de Can Ros, the fuet de Vic or the Iberian ham or the assortment of hummus they will conquer you If you opt for the fish they have dice of salmon with tartufo honey, anchovies in vinegar with orange and lemon zest or Cantabrian anchovy fillets. And we can not forget about his specialty: author sandwiches with a touch of iron. Su commitment to the natural here you also find dishes for vegetarians, vegans and for coeliacs.

El good atmosphere and the desire of the Born team at least, to extend the night. The premium gin tonics, mezcal, Jägermeister, McCallan, the Frígola de Sa Quimera or the Hierbas ibicencas they wait for you in one of the liveliest squares of Ibiza, in front of the walls.

By the way, you can take it home your coffee, your vermouths and your wines because they have them for sale right there.

Do not let them to tell you. Go through Born and discover a new way to enjoy your free time surrounded by good company and irresistible flavors.


The people who pass through Born repeat for their combination of thick potatoes with vermouth, the Fuet de Vic and the assortment of 5 cheeses, among others. For dessert you can not skip your Ibiza mojito, with Ibizan herbs!

Kitchen hours

Whenever you find Born open, you will be served any dish from your menu.

How to get there

It is located in the famous Plaza del Parque, right in one of the parallel to Paseo Vara de Rey. If you place yourself in it looking towards the port, before reaching the statue you will see the Scarabeé clothing store on the right. Enter that alley and you'll see Born on the next corner, right where the mythical Natural 2 store was.


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