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Isidoro Macabich Avenue, 59. 07800, Ibiza

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10 24 hours of a
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Restaurant Brasas, in the center of the city of Ibiza, a new way of cooking grilled meat at very cheap prices

El Restaurant Brasas It is located in the center of the City of Ibiza. If you like steak meat, you will find it almost at the end of Isidoro Macabich street.

They have one new grilling machine that until now had not been seen by the island. Thanks to her, the taste is much more authentic and intense. its star dish is the chicken a the ember. Although you may think that it is like roast chicken of all life, its taste is completely different. With a own recipe, first let the marinade chicken for 24 hours. After that, they put it in the machine to turn the necessary time around the coals of coal.

The quality-price ratio of their dishes is very good. To give you an idea: a chicken takeaway costs 9 euros, a quarter of chicken with garnish to eat in the local are 6'95 euros and a plate of entrana with accompaniment 11'85. By the way, between your fittings find baked potato, rice, salad o zucchini.

If you are one of those who do not decide, mind your combined: A quarter of chicken plus half rib to the barbecue with garnish by 12'95 euros, an more chicken quarter with potatoes for 13'95, half rib with more trim with 14'50, pig pen more half Iberian rib with potatoes 15 euros or more pork penny with potatoes for only 16. And for the most gluttonous are their famous grilled: half chicken, entraña and pork rib with garnish for 26 euros; entraña, chuletón and entrecot with garnish 46 euros or feather and pork rib and half chicken with garnish by 30. As you can see, a rich and economical option to eat a good dish grilled meat.

El Restaurant Brasas it is thought in addition to any tourist, who will always be welcome, for a local public. Open all the year longIt is a very nice place. The terrace es perfect for a drink in the summer season and for those winter days where the sun rails come to visit us. It also has a saloon and a covered terrace with a chillout touch. And if you don't want to eat it there, you can call to place your order and pick it up.

They open at 10 in the morning and prepare some great breakfasts a base coffee, natural juices y toasted wood-fired toast. From the 12 noon they already have the open kitchen And so it goes on until night 12.

You know, for breakfast, lunch or dinner meat rich and economic grilled, open in summer and winter, in Ibiza, Restaurante Brasas.


Although all the meats are delicious, you can not fail to taste the grilled chicken.

Kitchen hours

You can eat at any time of the day from the 12 in the morning to the 12 at night.

How to get there

You will find it in the famous and central Isidoro Macabich Avenue, very close and in the same sidewalk of the office of the SOIB and Correos, next to the Eroski.


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