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Calle Castilla 9, 07800 Ibiza

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13 to 16 hours and 20 to 24
13 to 16 hours and 20 to 24

The popular chef David Reartes is the architect of Re.Art, a «casual tapas tavern» in the center of Ibiza where local product and creativity prevail

Captained by one of the most active chefs on the island, David Reartes, born, a restaurant center of Ibiza which combines the haute cuisine with tradition and local produce.

After 30 years working in kitchen, of which 20 has passed them before the kitchens of important restaurants of the island, Reartes and his two partners decided to open this «Casual tapas tavern». In a short time, it has become a reference for locals and tourists who constantly seek to get out of the conventions as far as the gastronomic plane is concerned. A restaurant that surprises the diner not only for the taste of their dishes, but for their ability to transform the simplest ingredient into a preparation that nothing is simple.

In Re.Art you can ask for classics such as bravas, the Russian salad or the garlic prawns. Flavors of always with new presentations and nuances that will captivate you. In winter, your daily menu It is a great opportunity to discover the virtues of its cuisine.

El care and affection with which they prepare their dishes and the quality of the ingredients What they use is what makes their elaborations stand out. The preference for local product and the philosophy km0 they are patent in each and every one of them. Count on own orchard and they work with island producers that provide them with the best raw material.

But Ibiza is not only present in their creations, but also in the culinary techniques they use. For example, one of their star desserts, the cheesecake, is prepared with pumpkin in quicklime, a type of preserves that they used to use on the island.

Re.Art's letter varies depending on what they find in the market, something that also happens with their winery. In it they always have Wines from the earth and from other parts of the world that change from month to month. Also, there is room for cocktails and, of course, also depend on the seasonal product and the dynamism of your menu.

Re.Art is a restaurant suitable for all audiences and pockets in which the meticulousness of your service completely and the tireless desire to innovate from a kitchen team that praises the values ​​of the local product like no other.


Surely it catches your attention as soon as you read it: the upside-down egg with creamy potato and sobrassada oil. The aubergine from your barbecue garden with garum sauce and locust bread will also surprise you, as well as the cheesecake with pumpkin in quicklime.

Kitchen hours

From 13 to 16 hours and from 20 to 24, both in summer and in winter.

How to get there

Take Isidoro Macabich street, one of the main streets in the center of Ibiza, towards the port. Once you arrive at a roundabout with a fountain in the center, you should turn right into the Calle de la Jeweler Luxury. At the next corner you will come across a pedestrian street that you will have to take and, a little further on, you will see the Re.Art terrace.



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