Mar a Vila

Mar a Vila

Mar a Vila is the fashionable place in Ibiza. Creative cuisine, tapas de autor, pintxos, vermús and an enviable atmosphere worthy of sharing with yours

Get ready to meet one of the restaurants with more solera of Ibiza: Sea to Vila. It may sound like they are not new to the city, however, they are in constant evolution, so occupying one of its tables is always a novelty.

Once you pass your doors you will realize that Mar a Vila is different from everything you knew. Get ready to discover a world of new flavors in hilarious formats. Author's covers that surprise the most demanding and a creative cuisine which is not far from the Recipes of a lifetime but with a renewed and current aspect. Surely the famous sounds calamari sandwich. Well, in this original restaurant they prepare it with baked chinese bread and toasted black garlic mayonnaise And it comes in a 'take away' box that you'll want to take home. The foie picnic it will also leave you speechless. It is served with its tablecloth, its toasts and marmalades so that you will mount it as you want. If it is true that food enters the eyes, Mar to Vila has more than surpassed this first phase. Now be prepared to sink your tooth, because what awaits you is even better than your presentation.

Your letter is full of shared and individual dishes. They also have a daily menu of the most complete. From Monday to Friday, for just 15 euros, You can choose between a first, a second, dessert, coffee and a drink. It varies every day, however, there is one to be taken into account by spoon lovers: on Thursdays in winter. This day comes into play your successful cooked Madrid.

As for desserts What are we going to say They are irresistible Patricia, the owner, is responsible for preparing the menu carefully and, of course, the highest quality ingredients. From your oven come delicious lemon cakes, cheese tarts or chocolate puddings. For its part, the chef takes care of the sweets that appear in the letter like chocolates mix of black and white chocolate or strawberry clouds with earth of choco-banana Customers devour them in the blink of an eye!

If you are one of those who have a great social life, in Mar a Vila you will find the ideal place to meet with your own. Their showcases are full of pintxos (more than different 50!) every day. However, Thursday nights are the key day. The place is full of people and the environment, always formidable, it is encouraged up to unsuspected limits. Take a pintxo with one of your wines it's a blast they have a few different 11! And, before you go, dare with one of their cocktails You will not regret!

Another of the most successful proposals of the Ibizan restaurant is that of the noon vermouth. They have some 17 different types, both Spanish and Italian, and serve them with a free tapita. 

Come up to Mar a Vila and discover a unusual corner on the island, dedicated to high gastronomy, fun and, of course, to the customer satisfaction.


Not getting it right here is very complicated, if not impossible, however, they have several star dishes. One of them is the tuna glazed with coffee foam and nori seaweed tempura, and if you're more into meat, don't leave without trying the lamb kebab. They serve it with a bowl of pickles, a bottle with yogurt, ginger and lime sauce and some wafers, so you can prepare it to your liking Do you want a cocktail? Ask for a 'Romero y Julieta'. Rosemary honey, apple, vermouth and Saint Germain with lemon.

Kitchen hours

From 13 to 16 and from 20 to 23.30 hours, both in winter and summer.

Getting Here

It is very simple. There's Ignacio Wallis Avenue, just in front of the Women Secret store and next to Shana.

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Mar a Vila is the fashionable place in Ibiza. Creative cuisine, tapas de autor, pintxos, vermús and an enviable atmosphere worthy of sharing with yours

0034 971 314 778


Ignacio Wallis 16 Avenue. 07800 Ibiza


Summer: Monday to Friday from 8.45 to 1 in the morning. Saturdays from 11 to 1
Winter: Monday to Friday from 8.45:1 a.m. to 11:1 a.m. Saturdays from XNUMX to XNUMX
Closed for Holidays: The month of January
Closed for rest: Sundays


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