Bar Es Puig

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Open all year long

Address / Location

Ibiza San Antonio road, kilometer 12,5

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6 24 hours of a
6 24 hours of a
Closed for vacations
In Christmas

At the Es Puig bar in San Antonio, you will find homemade menus at a good price and will challenge you to a challenge that, if you are victorious, you will win a good prize

At the Es Puig bar, on the San Antonio road, you will come across a most familiar environment and a shameless menu of meals and for the most gluttons. In this simple establishment of San Antonio you can go so much with friends as with the family. In it, in addition to serve breakfast from the 06.00 in the morning, every weekday from Monday to Friday they elaborate a Home menu by 10,5 euros composed of a first course, a second, drink and dessert in which you will find all kinds of dishes cooked with the best products And the affection of their chefs.
The Saturdays also offer their customers a menu special for 15 euros (without the drink included).

At night things change. At the Es Puig bar they display their letter composed by Pizzas, hot dogs and hamburgers of the most complete. And, taking advantage of this shift towards American food, Have a challenge for you, as they do in the most famous American restaurants. Es Puig challenges you to Try your hamburger XXL Minera, a huge burger that more than a person could be for four. It is made with the meat of five hamburgers, bacon, cheese, eggs, onion rings ... about 2.300 kilos of hamburger. If you acept The bet and decide to eat it by yourself, Do it in less than 40 minutes and you will not pay! You are willing? At the moment Vicente, the owner, says that there have been three brave ones who have surpassed him.

Try any of your entrees like nachos or chicken wings and for those who have a more delicate stomach will be able to taste their delicious salads, Somewhat lighter than the XXL Minera.

They also have a catering service for all kinds of events so you only have to worry about the welfare of your guests while you enjoy a delicious homemade food.


From Es Puig they advise you not to leave without trying the Barbecue pork rib with cabbage salad and deluxe potatoes.

Kitchen hours

From 13 to 16 hours and from 20 to 23.30.

How to get there

On the motorway from San Antonio to Ibiza, you pass the gas station of ses Païses and before reaching the next roundabout you will find it on the right. They have a supermarket right next door.


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