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Highway San Rafael to Santa Inés, km 5, San Antonio, Ibiza

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Can Tixedo, on the Santa Inés road, is the perfect combination of art and gastronomy. Exhibitions, tapas, cocktails and an enviable atmosphere in Ibiza

Can Tixedo has become one of those places to discover in Ibiza, since each one of its corners counts on that charm of the island that catches. Located on the road that goes towards the village of Santa Inés, is a meeting point for artists and locals. The concept of cafeteria restaurant joined the family business about 25 years. and, since then, has not stopped giving talk.

Can Tixedo's menu is so extensive that you will not know where to start. Everything will get your attention, so do not hesitate to ask advice from your kind employees. his original menu is composed of a great variety of home tapasBoth tradicionales as of author. Here you can taste the dishes Most representative of cultures such as Mexican or Indian, without forgetting the local product. By the way, do not be fooled by the cover concept because here, more than tapas, they are servings!

Due to the increase in people who are inclined towards vegan or vegetarian food, Can Tixedo has adapted many of its dishes to this healthy lifestyle. Thus, you can ask, among others, his famous fajitas, montaditos de verdura, vegan chili or the rice rolls and seaweed. And what about their desserts? Leaving here without trying at least one of them is a huge mistake. Homemade, vegan, traditional, surprising ... El white chocolate brownie with pistachios it's a whole temptation and the cheese pudding a delight for summer.

Do you want more? Calm, because in Can Tixedo, it is not only gastronomy. In this pleasant local, of the ones of all the life, bet also by the culture. Has become one of the most active artistic halls on the island. During the last 20 years an endless number of ibicencos and international artists have exhibited their works here. Every three weeks the exhibitions change, which cover all types of styles and themes.

Whether winter or summer, take a seat in your fantastic terrace is a joy. There are many who already know, so it is always full of residents and tourists eager to enjoy the peace of breath in this enclave. Having breakfast at it is one of the best ways to start the day. In the evening-night it becomes the ideal place to taste a good Ibiza wine, a refreshing Cava sangria or, why not, one of their famous cocktails. And, as nothing happens here, they also have a magnificent letter of gin tonics.

Being fond of this place is not complicated. Can Tixedo is a mixture of good intentions which has resulted in the union of good people, exquisite food, art and fun in the same space.

Do not forget to visit his Facebook and the welcometoibiza agenda to discover the different events they organize throughout the year!


Do not leave without trying their homemade meatballs! The vegetarian lasagna with spinach and the exotic tikka masala chicken are safe bets too.

Kitchen hours

The kitchen does not close all day, it stays open from 8 in the morning until 12 at night.

How to get there

Can Tixedo is located on the road from San Rafael to Santa Inés, at kilometer 5.


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