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Isidoro Macabich Avenue. 07816 San Rafael, San Antonio, Ibiza

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12.30 16 from a 19.30 to 24 and hours
12.30 16 from a 19.30 to 24 and hours
On Monday

KFe, in San Rafael, is one of those lifelong restaurants where homemade food and close treatment prevail. Pizzas, tasty meats and menu

El KFe restaurant, in the village of San Rafael, is one of those places in Ibiza that has gained a Good reputation on the island. his kitchen, simple and unpretentious, and a attentive and friendly service have for years conquered the palates of the most demanding Ibizans.

Your menu consists of a number of delicious Mediterranean and Italian gastronomy, of course, all of them in generous and homemade portions. No artificial preparations, here take care of the freshness and quality of the ingredients so that the results are optimal. In KFe you can have lunch or dinner from thin and crunchy pizzas, pasta of all kinds and different pieces of meat that you will be able to dress with the sauces that you like more.

In addition, they have a wide range of salads, some other fish and lasagna and cannelloni prepared with care by their expert chefs. As for their desserts, it can only be said that they are delicious. When you see them you can not resist trying them. Some of the most demanded are the tiramisu, flan or brownie, but you have many more to choose from.

Without a doubt, one of the best options to discover the cuisine of this well-known restaurant is to try its lunch menu From Tuesday to Friday you can choose a first, a second and a dessert for only 9 euros. It varies every week so you can try a little of everything KFe can offer you.

You must also know that if you are one of those who always go in haste, They prepare all their dishes to take away. However, we advise you to take a break and settle into your lounge or on your beautiful terrace, will make you feel at home.

Reserve your table and prepare to spend some time of the most pleasant surrounded by a Impeccable service and exquisite food in KFe of San Rafael.


We are sure that you have not tried meat lasagna like KFe's, or spinach cannelloni like the ones they do in the San Rafael restaurant.

Kitchen hours

From 13 to 16 hours and from 20 to 24 hours.

How to get there

It's very simple. Take the road from Ibiza to San Antonio and take the detour to San Rafael. As soon as you enter the village, you will see it on the left bank of the road.


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